Jun 23

After a Short Absence (for very good reasons), I’m Back!


I’m Back!!

It’s been a little bit since I prepared my latest blog, but I have a great reason! My wife and I just returned from Guatemala after finalizing the adoption of our son. He is now 17 months old and with his 19-year-old sister, all things are great in my life!!

That being said, I appreciate that my clients’ lives are not great right now. Whether it is from an automobile accident or a work injury, my clients are suffering in many ways–physically, emotionally, financially, etc. Because of that, I will continue to add blog entries on nearly a daily basis so they–and you–know that someone cares about them and their situation.

After a Florida car accident or work injuries, the insurance companies will not care about you and your injuries, but my staff and I will.

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