February 16

Watch Those Motorcyclists!!

A REMINDER OF THE NEED TO WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLISTS My friend’s husband is presently laying in the hospital with serious injuries because someone didn’t see him as he drove his motorcycle. As a result, a collision occurred between the car and the motorcycle and then then my friend’s husband and the pavement. All of this.

February 15

When Is Your Child The Weight of a Young Elephant?

A “YOUNG ELEPHANT” IN YOUR CAR DURING A CAR ACCIDENT In recognition of Child Passenger Safety Week, it is important to understand what happens to a child in a car accident. Often times, in a car crash, there is a rapid deceleration that occurs at the moment of impact. At that moment, your child’s “crash.

February 15

Is Talk & Drive as Bad as Drink & Drive?

TALK & DRIVE SOMETIMES EQUALS CRASH “Hang Up and Drive”–I’ve seen that bumper sticker and thought, yeah, that’s right! But then I realized that I, too, am one of those drivers on their cell phone. I am not alone. Since 1990, the number of cell phone subscribers have risen from 4.3 millions to more than.

February 14

Watch Those Walkers!!

PEDESTRIAN SAFETY TIPS THAT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE Approximately 5,900 pedestrians are killed in car accidents every year. Another 84,000 pedestrians suffer non-fatal injuries each year. Almost one-third of these victims are children under the age of 15. By following these few safety tips, you can protect yourself and your children: It is critical to.

February 12

A Special Focus on Protecting Your Kids This Week

CELEBRATE CHILD PASSENGER SAFETY WEEK Accidents will happen, but they don’t have to become tragedies. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proclaimed Feb. 11-17 Child Passenger Safety Week to reinforce the point. According to NHTSA, an estimated 7,896 children under the age of 5 were saved from 1975 to 2005 by the use.

February 11

Finally, Real Work Comp Fraud Arrests!!

THE RIGHT ONES GET ARRESTED IN WORK COMP FRAUD CASE I’m tired of hearing everyone say injured workers are committing so much workers’ compensation fraud. That people who are on workers’ compensation are faking and reaping the benefits. What benefits?? Do they even know what little benefits an injured worker in Florida is entitled to..

February 11

CNN Sheds Light on Insurance Companies’ Tactics

AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT, INSURANCE COMPANIES DO THREE D’s — DELAY, DENY, DEFEND CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently highlighted what I have been seeing for years–Insurance companies putting profit before people after car accidents. Anderson Cooper and his producer investigated the tactics of insurance company after what appears to be minor car accidents for 18 months..

February 8

#1 Killer of Kids – Car Accidents

CAR ACCIDENTS NUMBER ONE KILLER OF CHILDREN AGES 4 TO 14 According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 7,500 lives have been saved by the proper use of vehicle child restraints during the past 20 years. However, car accidents still remain the number one killer of children ages 4 to 14 in America..

February 7

Florida Should Require Bodily Injury Liaiblity Insurance

THE PERSON WHO HIT YOU DOESN’T HAVE TO HAVE INSURANCE FOR YOUR INJURIES!! Did you know that Florida is one of a very small number of states that do not require drivers to carry some minimum level of bodily injury coverage? This means that the person injured in a Florida car accident may have no.

February 6

GEICO Thinks Less Educated People Should Pay More

SHOULD BLUE-COLLAR WORKERS REALLY HAVE TO PAY MORE FOR CAR INSURANCE? Is it fair to make a janitor pay $112.00 more than a lawyer to buy car insurance in Florida? GEICO and a few other insurance companies think so. The Consumer Federation of America found that nationally a 25-year-old executive with a law degree would.

February 5

Reaching MMI in Florida Work Comp

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU REACH MAXIMUM MEDICAL IMPROVEMENT IN A FLORIDA WORK COMP CLAIM Eventually, whether you agree or disagree, you will be placed at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) after a Florida workers’ compensation accident. In fact, the law states that your doctor is required to place you at MMI on or before two-years after.

February 4

Be Safe During Super Bowl

FANS DON’T LET FANS DRIVE DRUNK Super Bowl Sunday is one of the year’s most dangerous days on the nation’s roadways due to impaired driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 158 people were killed during the 2004 Super Bowl weekend due to impaired drivers with blood alcohol levels of .08% or higher..

February 3

Cracking Down on Road Rage

TRYING TO STOP AGGRESSIVE DRIVING Florida is among the top seven states with the highest number of deaths due to aggressive drivers who are generally between 18 and 25. Aggressive tactics include deliberately running red lights, exceeding speed limits, improper passing and following another car too closely. According to Tampa Bay Newspaper, the Pinellas County.

February 1

Who’s At Fault In A Rear-End Car Accident

WHO’S AT FAULT WHEN YOU ARE HIT FROM BEHIND? Many people assume if they are rear-ended in a Florida car accident, the person behind them is automatically at fault for the accident. However, that is not always true. It is true that there is a “rear-end collision” rule in Florida which was adopted in 1959..

January 31

More Profits for Allstate Insurance Company

MORE MONEY IN ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY’S POCKET AT THE COST OF THE INJURED According to Bloomberg.com, Allstate Corp., the largest publicly traded home and auto insurer in the U.S., said fourth-quarter profit rose 17 percent. Net income increased to $1.21 billion–not thousands or millions, but BILLION. Allstate is not alone, Progressive Corp., the third-largest U.S..

January 29

Tips To Protect You After a Florida Work Comp Injury

TEN TIPS AFTER A FLORIDA WORKERS’ COMPENSATION INJURY If you have been injured at work in Florida, the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law set forth what rights and responsibilities you have. It is important that you consult with a lawyer who handles Florida work comp claims. Attorney Matthew Noyes’ law firm has helped those injured at.

January 29

California Bans Handheld Cellphones While Driving, Who’s Next?

CALIFORNIA BANS DRIVING WITH HANDHELD CELLPHONES, IS FLORIDA NEXT? Soon, you will not see any California driver with a cellphone in their hand. That’s because a law banning the use of handheld cellular phones while operating a motor vehicle in California will take effect July 1, 2008. Officially known as the California Wireless Telephone Automobile.

January 28

You Have Been Told That You Have Sciatica, Now What?

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SCIATICA Many people involved in car accidents and work injuries in Florida are diagnosed with sciatica. However, they are not given further information about the condition. Below is additional information about sciatica. However, to get more specific information, you should consult with your doctor. Also, if your sciatica was.

January 27

U.S. Government Under-Reports Number of Work Injuries

MILLIONS OF INJURED WORKERS DO UNREPORTED A recently published study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine estimates that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) under-reports the number of injured and diseased workers by 66%, meaning that the 2003 reported total of 4.4 million workers was really 13.2 million injured workers. Researchers from.

January 26

10 Tips For Teens to Avoid Car Accidents

10 TIPS FOR PREVENTING TEEN ACCIDENTS Too many teenagers are injured in car accidents in Florida either because of their own negligence, the negligence of their friends, or the negligence of another person. If you are a teenager involved in a Florida car accidents, your parents should consult with an attorney who handles car accident.

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