May 28

Boating Deaths On the Rise



It’s been the deadliest year on Florida’s waterways. Law enforcement officers fear that this year could surpass the deadliest year for boaters on record when 82 people died in 1995.

So far this year, 34 people have died in Florida in boating accidents. Three more are missing. These numbers don’t even include this Memorial Day weekend which statistically is a very deadly weekend on Florida’s waterways.

Most boating fatalities are a result of drowning after the victims fell overboard. None of those that died were wearing life jackets. Also, alcohol (drunk boating) played a role in 15% of last year’s boating deaths. Boating under the influence carries the same penalties as driving a car under the influence.

So, it makes sense–wear life jackets and don’t ride with anyone who has been drinking. Your life is more important that a few fun hours on the water.

There were more than 1,000,000 boats registered in 2006. The waters are filling up with weekend boaters that may not have the experience needed to avoid boating accident. Like on the road, you can be the safest boater, but those around you can cause you and you loved ones serious and permanent injury.

If you have been injured in a boating accident, you have rights similar to those after a car accident. It is important that you talk with an attorney before talking with the insurance companies. Insurance companies will not care about how your injuries effect you and your family’s life, but my staff and I will!! You can contact me by clicking here.

Attorney Matthew Noyes–proudly caring for clients after Florida accidents and work injuries for nearly 20 years.

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