Oct 8

How Do I Relate Tampa Bay Rays’ Postseason to Personal Injury Law?

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In the beginning of the baseball season, I wrote about how Opening Day in baseball is like filing a lawsuit after a car accident or other type of case. I ended that blog article with hopes of writing in October about how the Tampa Bay Rays’ posture in the playoffs was like presenting the case to the jury. With joy (and no voice from screaming at last night’s game), I write this blog.

The Tampa Bay Rays have lived the life of a personal injury attorney filing a lawsuit. The uncertainty in the beginning of where it will lead, the hard work throughout the process, the sleepless nights of preparation, a few bad calls (rulings) along the way, surviving elimination through a Directed Verdict or otherwise, and eventually we reach Closing Arguments.

Last night, the Tampa Bay Rays made a great closing argument. Their play, strategy and attitude showed why they should prevail in the post-season trial. The Red Sox have a chance to do their rebuttal tonight, but like in every personal injury trial, the good guys should get one more opportunity to show why they are the victors. That will be Game 5.

Also, we fans are also like personal injury attorneys with the Tampa Bay Rays being the jury. We know what should happen, but can never be sure what the jury will do (especially when our closer pitches more balls than strikes). The pit in my stomach when a personal injury attorney hears a knock on the jury door indicating that they have reached a verdict is similar to the pit in my stomach throughout all last night’s game and will likely continue throughout the game tonight.

So, that is how I can tie two of my passions – baseball and fighting for the injured in car accidents and other personal injury matters – together. Root for the Rays tonight so we can hear the end of their closing arguments in Game 5.


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