Apr 11

Make Prom Safety As Important As The Dress Selection


prom safety is importantProm season is upon us! That means prom safety should be too! Although attending the prom can be a highlight of high school, it can also be a nightmare if prom safety is given the same amount of consideration as the right dress.

Car accidents are still the number one killer of teenagers, but I believe this statistic does not move teenagers to be any more careful than they would already be. The fact that more teenagers are killed in a car accident when another teenager is driving also doesn’t change patterns during prom season. So, it is important that a prom safety checklist is prepared. This prom safety checklist for parents may help:

  • Ask yourself “Do you realize hosting an underage party where alcohol is accessible can result in civil liability against you?”
  • Who will be doing the driving? Will they drive themselves or rent a limo? If driving themselves, keep a list of names and phone numbers of each teen rider, along with names and addresses of all the parents.
  • Limit the number of teen passengers to minimize distractions for the driver, and require each teen to wear a seatbelt.
  • Get a complete itinerary, including who your teen will be partying with, addresses and phone numbers for the prom location as well as any after-parties your teen plans to attend.
  • If your teen will be renting a limo, be sure to check the limo company’s driving record, and don’t be afraid to ask the company to provide it to you.
  • Does your teen know how to contact you throughout the evening? Consider arranging specific check-in times, and make sure you can contact your teen throughout the entire night.
  • Communicate with your teen specifically about how she would handle difficult situations such as being offered a ride by an intoxicated driver, being offered alcohol or drugs, or pressure to have sex. Be sure to provide parental instruction on how best to deal with problems that may arise.
  • Insist that there are to be no changes made to the itinerary without your prior approval, and make this a firm rule with no exceptions allowed.
  • Make sure your teen has phone numbers to trustworthy cab companies (or Uber) programmed into his or her cell phone, and plenty of money to cover the cost of a cab ride, if deemed necessary for any reason.

Prom safety is just as important as making sure you are not wearing the same dress as someone else or where the coolest place to take your date to dinner is. Taking time to plan for prom safety can save your child’s life and the lives of your children’s friends.


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