Apr 25

Palm Harbor University High School Student Hit By Car


Palm Harbor University High School Student Hit in Crosswalk

Walking to school should not be so dangerous. Unfortunately, for one Palm Harbor University High School student, it was last week.

Last week, a Palm Harbor teen was walking in a marked crosswalk with flashing amber lights at Alternate 10 and Delaware Avenue in Palm Harbor when he was hit by a pickup truck heading south on Alternate 19. The driver was cited for violation of right of way and the student was airlifted to Bayfront Medical Center.

According to Bay News 9, parents of students attending Palm Harbor University High School say Alternate 19 always busy, dangerous for students walking to school.  “You have cars coming and going and especially when the sun isn’t up yet,” said James Moller, whose daughter is a sophomore at Pal Harbor University High School.

After the accident, Bay News 9 reports that the Florida Department of Transportation will now conduct a study at the intersection to see if a traffic light is necessary.

This accident should serve as a reminder for all drivers to pay extra attention when near schools, especially before and after school when students could be walking or riding their bicycles. Whenever approaching a crosswalk, drivers should be alert to spot any pedestrians or bicyclists nearby. Taking a few extra minutes could save the life of a child.

Drive safely and watch out for pedestrians and bicyclists around schools!


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