Aug 7

“Purple Ribbon” Awareness Month May Save A Child’s Life


This year, 117 children died in non-traffic related car accidents with 19% of them dying from heatstroke after being left in a car. In the last decade, 102 children have died in these types of accidents in Florida.

One Florida County Fire Rescue hopes to prevent more of these deaths with a new public safety campaign using fire engines and rescue trucks as advocacy tools. The goal is to educate the public using posters on the trucks that tell of the dangers of leaving children unattended in cars.

This program is being kicked off in conjunction with August being “Purple Ribbon” awareness month. Purple ribbons are used to bring attention to the many children who die in preventable accidents around cars.

I encourage you to do your part to avoid a child’s death. Don’t leave your child in a car–it’s against the law for one thing. Also, if you see a child left unattended in a car, stop and call the paramedics or police. One call could save a life!!

As a father and an attorney who has represented parents after a death of a child, there are no words that could describe the pain the surviving parents have when they lose a child. Anything that could be done to prevent anyone from suffering that loss should be done!

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