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U.S. 19 Near Nursery Road Scheduled for Safety Improvements


US 19 and Nursery Road in ClearwaterAs someone who drives south on U.S. 19 and exits on the frontage road for Nursery and Belleair Roads in Clearwater almost every day, I have witnessed firsthand some crazy drivers in that area. Apparently, the Florida Department of Transportation and Bay News 9 have as well.

According to a recent BayNews9 report, there are many car accidents on this area of Frontage Road just north of Nursery Road. Some drivers are quite careless as they try to access local businesses like the Audi dealership near U.S. 19 and Nursery Road.

Although the dealership has three entrances, some drivers some drivers are coming off of U.S. 19 off the exit ramp and turning in the very first entrance which results in the driver to
not only cross over the gore striping, but to drive directly across the traffic on the frontage road. The article reports that some drivers chose the second entrance, but still get in a car accident because the must cut over the solid white line which sometimes results in t-bone car accidents with customers leaving the dealership. Even worse, some drivers make a u-turn to go the wrong way onto the frontage road in order to get to the two businesses next door.

The Florida Department of Transportation is taking action to reduce car accidents in this area. The article states that the FDOT will be installing white citi-posts along the gore area southbound, 20 feet past the first driveway for the car dealership, just north of Nursery Road. These delineators should be in place in the next three weeks. Hopefully, drivers will be more cautious as the exit off U.S. 19 onto Frontage Road in the Clearwater location.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t!


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