Mar 27

A Creative Way To Gather Evidence of a Bicycle Accident

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After a car accident or bicycle accident, there is often a dispute about who caused the crash. Many bicyclist and motorcyclists are now taking steps to reduce the argument by mounting cameras on the front and rear of their bicycles to capture video of road rage drivers as evidence for police.

In a recent Bay News 9 story, Mark Yeager, the owner of St. Pete Bicycle and Fitness, states he was one of a group of cyclists who were riding across the Sand Key bridge in Clearwater a couple of weeks ago, when a bus tried passing and got way too close. Fortunately, another cyclist caught the incident on video.

Cameras on the bicycles would also help track down those drivers that fail to stop after causing a bicycle accident. Recently, John Thompson and Rebecca Lerant were seriously injured riding their bicycles during a charity event the Ride to Recovery and the driver failed to stop. A mounted camera may have captured the driver or the gold Chevy Trailblazer’s license plate number.

It’s getting cheaper to do this as you can get a GoPro camera for about $130. If nothing happens during the ride, simply delete that file and get ready for the next ride. Who know, you may capture evidence after a car accident or bike accident or you may just capture beauty Florida scenery.

Ride safely and watch out for (and video) those who don’t. Bad drivers, beware! You may be on Candid Camera!


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