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A Free Way to Help a Teenage Driver

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teenage driverDo you want to do something that can save a teenage driver’s life? The Florida Sheriffs Association’s Teen Driver Challenge is just the thing.

Car accidents remain the leading cause of death among teenage drivers and one in four teen drivers will be involved in a crash within 12 months of getting their driver’s license. I know I was.

The Teen Driver Challenge program is a fun and informative way to teach teens about safe driving by providing a hands-on car accident avoidance program. The first part of the course consists of several hours in a classroom setting dealing with crash-related issues such as aggressive driving, distracted driving (texting, cellphone use, etc.), DUI and seatbelt issues. After the classroom, the fun begins with the hands-on driving portion of the course. During this portion, the teenage driver performs exercises such as figure “8,” threshold braking, forward serpentine cornering, backing, evasive, off road recovery and optional skid pad are taught. My daughter and I did this many years ago when she was a teenage driver, and I still have great memories of that fun engaging (and somewhat scary) afternoon.

The program is presented to 15-19 year old students, with a 5-to-1 student-to-instructor ratio. To be eligible, a student must have their driver’s license, and have a vehicle that they normally drive available for the range portion of the course. If they have a learner’s permit they must be accompanied to the range by a licensed driver. All participants must also have a minimum of six months driving experience, proof of insurance and signed release of liability forms.

The second best thing about the course (the first being the hands-on portion) is that the course is free! Thus, there is no reason not to sign up a teenage driver for the Teen Driver Challenge today. To learn more, visit www.teendriverchallenge.org.

Drive safely and help the teenage driver do the same.


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