Apr 20

A Must for Bicyclists and Runners


Bicyclist ID bandsToo many runners and bicyclists get injured in Florida accidents each year. In some of these accidents, the runners or bicyclists have no identification or important information with them. If the accident makes them unconscious or dazed, the paramedics are left with little guidance. One Clearwater company has designed a ID band to help these runners and bicyclist — Have The Drive Emergency ID bands.

ABC Action News recently reported on the band which displays all critical information on the inside of your wrist in a waterproof band. This includes your emergency contact, insurance information, driver’s license number and primary care physician.

The emergency ID band was created by Jeffrey Agid. After being struck by a car while cycling, Agid realized that he had no identification on him. After the crash, he thought about what would the paramedics or law enforcement do if he was unconscious or dead from the bike accident.

ABC Actions News discusses other similar stories like Norma Jean Hetrick felt a stabbing pain, and then nothing, while running on a St. Peterburg trail. She had no idea she was having a stroke. Unfortunately, Hetrick also had no identification on her. “I didn’t know what to tell the paramedics when they came,” she said. As a result, the EMTs took her to an out-of-network hospital, where the bills really piled up.

The creators of Have the Drive Emergency ID bands went to emergency workers who said the three critical pieces of information you must have on you besides your name are your drivers license number, your insurance information and your emergency contact.

Check out Have The Drive Emergency ID bands. They can be bought online or can be found at the St. Pete Running Company. The company notes that with the proceeds from our wristband, Have The Drive will build the company and meet their goals to inspire men, women and children to never give up.


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