Feb 29

Another Avoidable St. Petersburg Motorcycle Accident

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St. Petersburg Motorcycle accidentA motorcycle ride on another beautiful Sunday in St. Petersburg results in serious life-threatening injuries to a motorcyclist after he was struck by a car.

According to BayNews9.com, the St. Petersburg motorcycle accident occurred at the intersection of First Avenue North and U.S. 19. The motorcyclist was struck by a car turning left from U.S. 19 onto 1st Avenue as the bike entered the intersection. The motorcyclist was taken to Bayfront Health Hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the car was uninjured. However, a passenger in the car was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, according to the report.

Unfortunately, this St. Petersburg motorcycle accident is not too different from many other motorcycle accidents around Tampa Bay. Too many crashes occur at intersections with other drivers turning left in front of oncoming traffic. It amazing me when someone turns in front of me when there is no one else behind me. Why don’t they take the few extra seconds and wait to turn until I pass?

Sadly, this accident could have been avoided and a family would not have to worry about a loved one. Until left turn drivers start paying attention to oncoming traffic, similar accident like this St. Petersburg motorcycle accident will continue to occur. So, when approaching intersections, all drivers must pay attention to drivers who intend to turn left in front of them. You watching of for them may save your life.


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