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Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

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Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a lengthy process. Whether you decide to apply online, in person or by telephone is completely up to you. Applying in person does have several advantages. For example, having the ability to ask questions about anything you do not understand, including questions or information requested on the Disability Report. If you apply online, you will have the ability to save your application and return to it. You will first complete the Disability Benefit Application and then proceed to answering the questions in the Adult Disability Report. You will need information about you, information about your medical condition and information about your work to complete the application process. The Social Security Administration provides a complete checklist for your Online Adult Disability Application. This will assist you in gathering all of the necessary information to make the application process a little easier.

The Disability Benefit Application consists of 33 questions. This application must be completed in its entirety and submitted. There are two questions that you should really take some extra consideration in answering. Question 10: “Enter the date you became unable to work because of your illness, injuries, or conditions.” This date is known as the alleged onset date. This date is very important because it determines how much back pay you will receive. The earlier your alleged onset date is, the more back pay you will receive. Question 24: “What are the illnesses, injuries, or conditions that limit your ability to work? (Give a brief description.)” This will include your mental and physical conditions. Make sure that you are thorough, but make sure you do not exaggerate. Include your diagnosis and the limitations that it causes.

The Adult Disability Report will inquire about your background, medical conditions, work activity, education, job history and medical treatment/information. For example, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Medical Providers (Name, phone number and address)
  • Medical Tests (Tests you have had and who requested these tests)
  • Prescriptions (What you are taking and who prescribed them)
  • Medical Records (Any that you already have in your possession)
  • Work (List up to 5 jobs you’ve had in the last 15 years)

If you do not know everything and are missing information, you can still submit the Disability Report and Social Security can help you gather the missing information. This form goes directly to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) and they will make the initial determination whether you are medically disabled or not.

Please keep in mind that for most applicants it is easiest and safest to file your application at the Social Security office. Remember that after you apply, it will take between 90 to 120 days to receive a response. Only 30% of applicants are approved at this stage. Once your initial claim has been denied, you will have 60 days to file an appeal with the Social Security Administration. This is when applicants seek assistance from attorneys throughout this process.

As you can see, the application process for Social Security Disability benefits is not an easy process. No one should attempt to go to a social security hearing without the benefit of an attorney. If you or somebody that you know has been denied Social Security benefits, please feel free to contact Social Security Disability Attorney Matthew Noyes at 727-796-8282 or simply click here to schedule a free case consultation.

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