Jun 29

Are Social Security Disability Judges Awarding Too Often?

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Some Social Security Disability judges told Congress that they feel that they are being pushed to award Social Security Disability benefits to people who may not deserve them. According to the Washington Post, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is investigating why many judges have high approval rates for claims already rejected twice by field offices or state agencies.

According to reports, of the 1,560 judges who have decided at least 50 cases since October, 195 judges approved benefits in at least 75 percent of their cases, according to the data analyzed by congressional investigators. Hello—that is only 12.5% of the judges. Some of the remaining 87.5% deny SSD benefits in over 70 to 80 of their cases! Why isn’t Congress looking that those numbers as well?

A claim for social security disability benefits must first be processed through the local Social Security Administration field offices and state agencies called Disability Determination Services. About two-thirds of initial claims are rejected, according to agency statistics. If the claim is rejected, you can ask the field office or state agency to reconsider. If your claim is rejected again, you can appeal to an administrative law judge and ask for a hearing. Presently, the average wait time for a hearing is 375 days.

Would people who could do substantial gainful employment really not work for nearly two years from the initial application for SSD benefits to the hearing date just so they can get the minuscule amount they receive from Social Security Disability? I think not.

Personally, I don’t mind Congress looking at judges who may be awarding SSD benefits too easily, but, in turn, make sure you also look at those judges who too frequently deny Social Security Disability benefits when they should be awarded.


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  1. Anne Lawrence 6 Dec 2013 | reply

    How do judges even decide when to award social security disability? Here in Greeley, I’ve never known it to be a daunting process, so they must not look at too much, huh? Where can I find out more?

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