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Get a Work Comp Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Workers Compensation Benefits!

A Florida workers’ compensation claim can be quite frustrating. You need a work comp attorney who understands Florida workers compensation law and knows how to fight for your benefits. Work Comp Attorney Matthew Noyes is that lawyer! Whether it is wage benefits or medical care that the workers comp carrier is denying, Work Comp Attorney Matthew Noyes can help you get those benefits. Email Workers’ Comp Attorney Matthew Noyes or call his office at 727-796-8282 to schedule a free case consultation.  

Know Your Rights After Your Workers Compensation InjuryWorkers Compensation Attorney Matthew Noyes has also written a book on the subject of work comp.  Click here to get a FREE copy of his book – Know Your Rights After Your Workers’ Compensation Injury.

After a Florida work comp accident, the injured employee need to under their rights and responsibilities under the Florida Workers’ Compensation law. Failing to provide proper notice of an injury, not knowing how to properly request medical treatment, or not knowing the process to get your claim in front of a Florida workers’ compensation judge could result in an injured worker not getting his or her work comp benefits.

Florida Work Comp Attorney Matthew Noyes is a named partner at Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes, P.A. The firm is one of the longest established personal injury law firms in Tampa Bay starting back in 1955.  With its main office in Clearwater and offices in St. Petersburg, Tampa, New Port Richey and other surrounding areas, Florida Work Comp Attorney Matthew Noyes can help fight for your Florida Workers’ Compensation benefits.

There is no attorneys’ fees or costs unless we make a recovery for the injured worker. Work Comp Attorney Matthew Noyes and his team can assist in getting medical care, making your the wage benefits are properly paid, and can assist in negotiating a lump sum settlement so the injured worker has control 0ver his or her future medical care.

Don’t fight the workers’ compensation carrier alone. Contact Florida Worker Comp Attorney Matthew Noyes today!

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