Auto Accidents

A Florida car accident can forever change your life. Immediately, after the auto accident, there are many questions that need answered such as:

How do I get my damaged car repaired?

Which doctor will treat my car accident injuries?

What about my lost time from work?

How do I pay my medical expenses?

In the meantime, household bills need to be paid, kids need to be taken to school and fed, and your boss is counting on your at work.  Simply, these questions need to be addressed while you try to continue to do what life demands. Friends and family may try to answer these questions, but sometimes they don’t know what Florida law requires. This is like asking someone who knows a little about fixing cars to tell you how to fix your transmission.  Also, insurance company adjusters may come to your house and even have their checkbook to write you a check (in exchange for your releasing your rights), but remember, they are employees for the insurance companies.  Are they really looking out for your best interest?

After your Florida car accident, insurance companies have attorneys looking out for their best interest — so should you!  You need a personal injury lawyer who understands Florida law and dedicates his law practice to helping those injured in Florida car accidents. Personal Injury Attorney Matthew Noyes is that lawyer! His law firm — Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes, P.A. — is one of the oldest personal injury laws in Tampa Bay.  Attorney Noyes understands the law and understands the effect a Florida car accident has on a person’s life. He has been there after his own severe Florida car accident. Email Personal Injury Attorney Matthew Noyes or call today at 727-796-8282.


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