Sep 15

Arrest Made in Fatal Crosstown Car Accident

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The car “accident” that killed 24-year-old Jennifer O’Boyle and seriously injured her 4-year-old daughter has resulted in an arrest.  Cheryl Riemann was arrested and charged with multiple felonies including DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide, DUI with serious bodily injury and reckless driving with serious bodily injury.  I put “accident” in quotes because I doubt that it was, in fact, an accident.  Rather, it was a collision caused by someone who had a .244 blood-alcohol level–about three times over the legal limit. This should result in a claim for punitive damages against Ms. Riemann if a civil action is taken

With the arrest, the focus will be on the Cheryl Riemann, but we cannot forget that her actions resulted in a death of a daughter, mother, and friend to a lot of people.  Because of Ms. Riemann’s purposeful–not accidental–acts of drinking before driving, a 4-year-old has to go through life without her mother. 

My prayers and thoughts are re-extended to the O’Boyle family and friends.  I know that there is no justice for the loss of Jennifer O’Boyle.  The arrest of Ms. Riemann will not bring your loved one back. 

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