May 7

Courts May Be Closed, But We Are Pushing Cases Forward

See You In Court! Words some lawyers and insurance companies say when they cannot reach an agreement. Well, that won’t happen in Florida until July. However, that won’t stop us from fighting for our clients and moving their cases forward! Earlier this week, Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Canady extended the suspension of trials.

April 21

Can Fewer Cars on the Road Make Tampa Bay Roads More Dangerous?

The COVID-19 situation has certainly put fewer cars on Tampa Bay roads, but that has brought on some dangerous driving behaviors. According to the Tampa Bay Times, traffic on Tampa Bay roads has dropped by 30 percent, but speeding and red light runners have increased. In fact, the rate of red light violators has increased.

March 26

Can COVID-19/Coronavirus Be Covered Under Florida Work Comp?

If an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19/Coronavirus, there may be an argument that they are entitled to Florida workers’ compensation benefits if they contracted it at work, but it will be a tough argument in most cases. Under Florida law, there is a three-pronged test to show compensability for exposure injuries: Prolonged exposure – what.

February 27

Which Kia Vehicles Are Being Recalled Due to Potential Engine Fires?

If you own an older Kia vehicle, beware! According to ABC Action News, Kia is recalling more than 193,000 cars and minivans because of defects can cause an engine fire. One recall covers nearly 142,000 2013 and 2014 Kia Optima midsize cars. They have 2.4-liter direct fuel injection or 2-liter direct injection turbocharged engines. Kia.

February 20

Pasco County Roads – How Dangerous Are They?

Driving in Pasco County can be dangerous. According to the Tampa Bay Times, in a 12-hour span, a Port Richey teenager, a 63-year-old pedestrian and a 24-year-old driver from Winter Haven died in crashes on Pasco County roads, including U.S. 19, Little Road and U.S. 98. So, how dangerous is driving in Pasco County? Statistics.

February 4

U.S. 19 Near Nursery Road Scheduled for Safety Improvements

As someone who drives south on U.S. 19 and exits on the frontage road for Nursery and Belleair Roads in Clearwater almost every day, I have witnessed firsthand some crazy drivers in that area. Apparently, the Florida Department of Transportation and Bay News 9 have as well. According to a recent BayNews9 report, there are.

January 29

Whiplash After A Car Accident

Whiplash is so commonly used after a car accident. Unfortunately, it is sometimes used to minimize the injuries after a car accident – “You just have whiplash.” Knowledge is power so let’s look into what whiplash really is. According to the Mayo Clinic, whiplash is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of.

January 22

How Many Deaths On Pinellas County Roads Last Year?

One preventable death due to a car accident, bike accident or pedestrian accident is too many. Unfortunately, ninety (90) people were killed on Pinellas roads in 2019, according to a recent report on ABC Action News. That is nearing two people dying in accidents every week. Ninety deaths are a lot, but it is a.

January 13

Broken and Uneven Sidewalks May Finally Get Repaired in Clearwater

While walking on sidewalks in Clearwater, you shouldn’t have to be staring at the ground, but in many areas you have to in order to avoid the hidden trip hazards. According to the Americans With Disabilities Act, all it takes is a quarter inch difference in elevations for someone to trip. Too many Clearwater sidewalks.

January 9

Three School Crossing Guards Injured in Three Different Accidents

School crossing guards are crucial to the safety of those children they are to protect. Sadly, at least three school crossing guards were hit by a car yesterday. According to the Tampa Bay Times, a 78-year-old school crossing guard was struck by a driver who later tried to escape but was blocked in by other.

December 30

Florida Workers Compensation Changes For 2020

Most things in the Florida workers’ compensation system are not good for the injured worker, but two changes set to occur in 2020 are good for the injured worker and employer. First, workers compensation rates are being reduced by an average of 7.5 percent effective January 1, 2020. The insurance carriers initially requested a 5.4.

December 11

Does Florida Workers Compensation Cover Team Bowling?

With work holiday party season upon us, a recently decided case can be very important to employers.  Yesterday, the First District Court of Appeals overturned a workers compensation judge’s order denying work comp benefits to an employee who sustained injury while bowling with co-workers during regular working hours. So, in this case, yes, bowling with.

December 3

What is a Brachial Plexus Injury After a Car Accident?

A brachial plexus injury is sometimes overlooked after a car accident. It may be because the doctor thinks the pain is caused by a disc in the cervical spine or a shoulder injury. In order to know if you have a brachial plexus injury after a crash, you first have to know what it is.

November 22

Thanksgiving Driving Safety Tips – Know Before You Go

Thanksgiving driving is often a must if you want to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with family. According to AAA, 49.3 million travelers will be doing Thanksgiving driving — the most since 2005 and 2.8% more than last year. AAA reports that more than 55 million travelers are making plans for a trip of 50 miles or.

November 6

The News I Least Like Sharing With My Car Accident Clients

Many of my clients come to me hurt and confused after a car accident. They were living their normal life when, all of a sudden, their life changed because of a car accident. Whether it is days, months, or years, a car accident can be an upheaval in someone’s life – all because another driver.

October 28

Another Serious Car Accident While Making Left Turn at Intersection

Making a left turn on any street can be dangerous. You have to count on the drivers in the opposite drivers seeing you and obeying the law. Sadly, many don’t and too many car accidents occur when drivers attempt to turn left. A recent car accident illustrates this. According to the Tampa Bay Times, two.

October 21

Could a Mural Really Reduce the Number of St. Petersburg Car Accidents?

St. Petersburg car accidents happen for a multitude of reason. Many of them happen because drivers are not paying attention to the road. Well, research indicates that at one intersection, St. Petersburg car accidents are down because people are paying attention to the road – the colorful road. ABC Action News recently reported that a.

October 8

Parking Lot Car Accident – What Should You Do?

Whether it is at the local mall, Target or even in the parking lot for the Tampa Bay Rays game, some people simply forget how to drive in a parking lot. Maybe it is because they are looking for the closest open parking space and not the others on the road. Whatever the reason, a.

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