January 27

U.S. Government Under-Reports Number of Work Injuries

MILLIONS OF INJURED WORKERS DO UNREPORTED A recently published study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine estimates that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) under-reports the number of injured and diseased workers by 66%, meaning that the 2003 reported total of 4.4 million workers was really 13.2 million injured workers. Researchers from.

January 26

10 Tips For Teens to Avoid Car Accidents

10 TIPS FOR PREVENTING TEEN ACCIDENTS Too many teenagers are injured in car accidents in Florida either because of their own negligence, the negligence of their friends, or the negligence of another person. If you are a teenager involved in a Florida car accidents, your parents should consult with an attorney who handles car accident.

January 25

Florida Governor Acknowledges Problem With Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies, Enough is Enough!! Last week, Florida Governor Charlie Crist said something my clients and I have been saying for years if not decades–we are tired of funding insurance companies’ record profits!! “Let me remind you where we’re coming from. This insurance industry this past year has enjoyed a $60 billion profit. $60 billion,”.

January 20

Who Pays Medical Bills After Florida Car Accident?

GETTING YOUR MEDICAL BILLS PAID AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT IN FLORIDA Under Florida law, your automobile insurance company is responsible for paying a portion of medical bills and lost wages related to a Florida car accident regardless of whether the accident was your fault. This type of insurance coverage is called Personal Injury Protection coverage.

January 20

Lost Wages in a Florida Work Comp Claim

GETTING PAID IN A FLORIDA WORK COMP CLAIM Believe it or not, when a worker is injured in a workers compensation claim in Florida, they are not guaranteed payment of wage benefits for every day they are out of work. Under Florida law, you are not paid for the first seven days of disability. However,.

January 18

Homeowners’ Insurance Isn’t the Only Problem in Florida

FLORIDA’S LEGISLATORS NEED TO PROTECT FLORIDIANS FROM RISING AUTO INSURANCE RATES AS WELL There is a lot of talk and even a special session by the Florida Legislature about the need to stop the growing cost of purchasing homeowners’ insurance in Florida. There is no dispute that something needs to be done to halt the.

January 17

Study Shows Serious Car Accident Has Long Time Affects

DRIVERS REPORT LONG-TERM CONSEQUENCES AFTER CAR CRASH A recent report in the Annals of Emergency Medicine indicates that even one-and-one-half years after a serious car accident, drivers report worse health compared with before the crash, particularly if the injured person required hospitalization. The doctors studied over 200 car drivers who survived a serious car accident.

January 16

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Needed in Hit & Run

RECENT TRAGIC ACCIDENT REMINDS US OF NEED FOR UNINSURED MOTORIST COVERAGE Last Saturday in St. Petersburg, Florida, two women were hit by a car while attempting to cross Ulmerton Road. One woman suffered minor injuries while the other suffered a broken arm and had her left leg ripped off. The driver of the car drove.

January 15

Automobile Safety That May Prevent A Car Accident

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO PREVENT A CAR ACCIDENT Motor vehicles are the leading cause of accidental death in the US. They account for almost 50,000 deaths and over 4 million injuries every year. Older drivers have a higher accident rate per mile driven and are more likely to be killed or injured in an.

January 14

Watch Out For That Motorcycle

Failing to Pay Attention To Motorcycles Can Cause Serious Injury or Death of Florida Roads Florida’s beautiful weather encourages many to enjoy the open road on motorcycles. However, too many car accidents involving motorcycles are resulting in serious injury or death are occurring in Florida and throughout the United States. Accordingly to the National Highway.

January 13

Picking Your Doctor in Workers’ Compensation

When Do You Get to Pick The Doctor in a Florida Work Comp Claim? If you have a Florida workers’ compensation claim, there are very few times that you have the right to choose the doctor who will examine you. Almost always, you are stuck with the doctor that the insurance company sends you to..

January 12

Football Fans Don’t Let Football Fans Drive Drunk

Avoid Car Accidents While Preparing for the Super Bowl This weekend we will be one week closer to this year’s Super Bowl in Miami, Florida. Let’s make sure that every fan and their loved ones can watch the big game without injury from a car accident because someone was drinking. Super Bowl Sunday is one.

January 11

Florida Governor Agres That Insurance Companies Make Extraordinary Profts

Finally Someone In Florida Government Agrees that Insurance Companies Are Receiving Too Much Profit Florida newly-elected governor, Charlie Crist, recently went on the attack against the insurance industry, telling reporters that he’s not sure he trusts the insurers to set their rates fairly. “Insurance companies are making extraordinary profits,” Crist said, noting a profit of.

January 10

Maximum Compensation Rate for Florida Work Comp Claim

Florida Determines Cap on Workers’ Compensation Weekly Wage Benefits for 2007 An injured worker in Florida is only entitled to two-third of his average weekly wage over the 13-weeks prior to the work injury. However, according to Florida’s workers’ compensation law, the maximum weekly compensation rate for work-related injuries and illnesses shall be equal to.

January 10

Red Light Runners Can Kill

Running Red Lights Get You Nowhere Fast Tampa Bay police are cracking down on drivers who run red lights. “It might get you to the next red light,” said Sgt. Glenn Luben who heads the selective traffic enforcement program for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. “It also might get you in an accident where people.

January 10

National Safety Commisson Says Florida’s Auto Insurance Rates Need Fixing

National Safety Commission Urges Florida Legislature to Tackle Rising State Auto Insurance Rates With the Florida Legislature preparing to convene in Special Session Tuesday to tackle the problem of skyrocketing Florida property insurance rates, the National Safety Commission called on the Legislature to take action to provide relief from rising Florida auto insurance rates as.

January 9

So You Have a Herniated Disc, Now What?

What You Need to Know About Your Herniated Disk Many of my clients suffer a herniated disk after a car accident or work injury. Until they are diagnosed with a herniated disk, many victims of a car accident or work injury do not even know what a herniated disk is. I hope this article answers.

January 8

What If The Work Comp Carrier Denies Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Overview of Denied Claim Procedure Benefits under the Florida Workers’ Compensation law have been dramatically reduced over the past several years. If you are involved in a work-related accident, it is crucial that you seek advice as to what your rights and benefits are after an injury. If you need assistance in obtaining workers’ benefits.

January 8

Ten Things to Know To Avoid Car Accidents with Motorcycles

Ten Things All Car & Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcycles To Avoid A Car v. Motorcycle Accident A recent study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows the dangers of motorcycle driving. According to the study, approximately 76,000 motorcycles were injured in motorcycle accidents in 2004. Over 4,000 motorcyclist died because of.

January 7

Pain and Suffering in Florida Work Comp Claims

There is No Compensation in Florida’s Workers’ Compensation for Pain and Suffering Because workers’ compensation is a “no fault” system, one of the rights taken away from injured workers for receiving workers’ compensation benefits was the right to recover for damages due to “pain and suffering.” The insurance companies and legislators argue that since the.

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