Nov 21

Avoid Blackout Wednesday While Driving During Thanksgiving Weekend

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Happy Thanksgiving sign in wood typeDriving during Thanksgiving weekend? You and 51 million other Americans. According to AAA, this makes this Thanksgiving weekend the busiest holiday travel weekend in over a decade.

Sadly, driving during Thanksgiving weekend is also quite dangerous. Thanksgiving Eve has become known as “Blackout Wednesday” as is one of the deadliest days for drivers traveling for the holiday. According to the Department of Transportation, over 800 people died in alcohol-related accidents during the last five Thanksgiving holiday weekends.

If you are driving during Thanksgiving weekend, here are a few tips to make the drive safer and a bit enjoyable.

  1. Check out when it is the best time to drive. AAA provides a list of the worst time to travel in various cities. This could save you time and gas.
  2. Make sure your tank is full before you leave in case any unexpected delays or situations arise.
  3. If you’re traveling with kids, make sure you have a handy supply of snacks, drinks and entertainment, and think about plotting out bathroom breaks in advance.
  4. Check the weather on your route ahead of time, and use handy apps like Waze or Google Maps to keep up to date on traffic conditions.
  5. Be patient. Easier said then done.

Be thankful for the blessings in your life. Be alert while driving during Thanksgiving weekend so next year, you can celebrate again.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe!


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  1. Sophia 21 Nov 2017 | reply

    Thank you Matt. Driving to Jax Wed am. I will be extra cautious.
    Have a happy TG with your winderful family.

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