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Back To School Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents


back to schoolIt is back to school time! The days of sleeping in late and spending hours at the pool are almost done. As we gather our school supplies and finish the summer homework, let’s brush up on some back to school safety tips. Unfortunately, the beginning of school often brings car accidents, bike accident or pedestrian accidents especially around school zones. Hopefully, these tips can reduce the risk of these accidents:

Back To School Safety Tips for Motorists

• Obey all traffic laws and speed limits, especially the 15 mph limit in school zones.
• Stop for school buses that are loading or unloading children. (Stay tuned for a reminder post about Florida law regarding when you must stop with school buses.)
• Watch for and obey signals from school crossing guards.
• Be alert and watch for children near schools, bus stops and in school parking lots.
• Do not pass other vehicles in school zones or at crosswalks.
• Do not change lanes in school zones.
• Do not text or otherwise use a cellphone unless it is completely hands-free.

Back To School Safety Tips for Students

• Parents of younger students who ride a school bus should consider escorting their children to and from their scheduled bus stop.
• Children should not stand or play in the roadway while waiting for, or leaving, a school bus.
• Students who ride the bus should follow all safety rules and avoid distracting the driver.
• Students who walk should do so in pairs, or groups, and follow safety rules for pedestrians.
• Cross streets only at crosswalks and follow the directions given by school crossing guards.
• Students who ride a bike should wear a helmet and follow all safety rules for bicyclists.
• Walk — don’t ride — a bicycle across streets and only in designated crosswalks.
• Teenage students who drive to school should avoid speeding and minimize distractions from cell phone usage, eating, loud music or disruptive passengers.
• Never overload a vehicle. Every passenger must use a safety belt.
• Always act as a positive role model for younger siblings and fellow students. Avoid horseplay on sidewalks, while riding a bus or bicycle, and while traveling in a vehicle.
• Students should know their phone number, address, how to get in touch with parents at work, how to get in touch with another trusted adult, and how to dial 911.

Back to School First Aid Class

The Red Cross offers training that gives the confidence and skills to help with everyday emergencies, from paper cuts to school sports injuries. A variety of online and in-class courses are available at Check it out!

Enjoy the last few days of summer and brush up on these back to school safety tips with your children.


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