Oct 15

Bad News For Those on Social Security

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The Social Security Administration has just announced that Americans who receive Social Security benefits will not get any cost-of-living increase in 2011 in their monthly checks. This is the second year in a row that there will be no cost of living increase.

This is the first time that Social Security benefits have not increased in consecutive years since payments have been automatically adjusted according to the nation’s inflation rate.

Under the government rules, consumer prices must have risen past their level when the last Social Security increase was awarded – in this case, 2008 – for another boost in benefits to take effect, and the Labor Department figures show they did not increase that much.

In early 2009, Congress approved a one-time $250 payment for each person on Social Security. In his 2011 budget, President Obama proposed another such payment, but no vote has been scheduled for this proposal.

Injuries from car accidents, motorcycle crashes, workers’ compensation claims and other things can make a person unable to return to substantial gainful employment. In those cases, Social Security Disability benefits may be that person’s only way to survive.

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