Sep 23

Beacon Woods Drive in Hudson Is Getting Fixed After 200 Car Accidents


Two hundred car accidents resulting in 75 injured people and eight deaths in six years should raise concerns that something needs to be done near Beacon Woods Drive and U.S. Highway 19 in Hudson. Now something is.

Beacon Woods Drive in HudsonAccording to the Tampa Bay Times, this deadly stretch of U.S. 19 near the Walmart store in Hudson is about to get a $2.7 million makeover. The improvements include changes to Beacon Woods Drive, U.S. 19 and Dipaola Drive near the Walmart store in Hudson. It is a group project – Pasco County will build a roundabout on Beacon Woods Drive and already has started rebuilding Dipaola Drive; Walmart will pay for new entrances and exits and road connections to both routes; and the Florida Department of Transportation will install a traffic signal for drivers using Dipaola and Beach Boulevard to enter U.S. 19. According to the article, work on the roundabout is expected to start in February 2020, and all the fixes are projected to be completed the following year.

The current design has impact all drivers, but impacted those living in Beacon Woods. Leisure Beach and County Club Estates communities even more. Beacon Woods shoppers are forced to drive out to U.S. 19 and make a U-turn to return to their neighborhood from the store. The residents of Leisure Beach and Country Club Estates have to deal with heavy traffic while trying to enter or exit their own neighborhoods just north of the Walmart.

Let’s hope that these steps reduce the number of car accidents near Beacon Woods Drive and U.S. Highway 19.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t!


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