Jan 7

Pain and Suffering in Florida Work Comp Claims


There is No Compensation in Florida’s Workers’ Compensation for Pain and Suffering

Because workers’ compensation is a “no fault” system, one of the rights taken away from injured workers for receiving workers’ compensation benefits was the right to recover for damages due to “pain and suffering.”

The insurance companies and legislators argue that since the employee can recover even if the accident was due to his own negligence, pain and suffering damages are eliminated from all aspects of workers’ compensation benefits. Simply put, you cannot recover pain and suffering as a result of your workers’ compensation injury. However, you can recover pain and suffering if you have a claim against a third party that is associated with your work injury.

Sadly, as a Florida workers’ compensation attorney, I have seen hundreds of injured workers that have suffered extensive pain and suffering from a work injury. Further, over the years, I have seen the legislature rip away benefits from the injured workers while still not giving them rights for pain and suffering.

Because of the limited benefits an injured worker is entitled to under the Florida’s work comp law, it is important that an injured worker consults with an attorney who handles Florida workers’ compensation claims. Attorney Matthew Noyes has been fighting for the rights of injured workers in Florida for over 10 years. To get answers from Attorney Matthew Noyes regarding your Florida work comp claim, simply click here.

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