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Belcher & Gulf-to-Bay – Is the Intersection Safer with Red Light Cameras?

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Anyone who drives through Belcher Road and Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard’s intersection knows how dangerous and prone to car accident this intersection is. With the building of the Walmart Neighborhood Store, Wawa, Bob Evans, and other stores on the corner, the traffic at this intersection will only increase making it more dangerous for car accidents.

What else the Belcher and Gulf-to-Bay intersection has are red light cameras. Will these help in reducing car accidents? A recent report on Tampa Bay 10 News indicates that these red light cameras do little to reduce car accidents at this intersection.

According to 10 News, a Clearwater Police Department report indicates no noticeable drop in car crashes at Belcher and Gulf-to-Bay since the installation of red light cameras. In fact, the Clearwater Police Department reported that serious crashes at red light camera intersections climbed after the cameras were installed from 39 serious car accidents before the red light cameras to 47 serious car accidents after the red light cameras (and then back down to 40 for the July 2013 through June 2014).

Was running red lights the cause of these car accidents at the intersection? Clearwater Police say no. The CPD report indicates red light-running was never the cause of most of the crashes at the dangerous intersections. Before the installation of the red light cameras, only 8% of the car accidents at the intersections were a result of red-light running. After the installation of the cameras, 4% of the crashes were considered a result of red-light running.

Whether it is red light running or other careless driving, if you travel near Belcher & Gulf-to-Bay, you must be give added attention to the other drivers’ actions. As the new stores go up, this will be even more important in order to avoid a car accident.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t.


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