Aug 16

Beloved Music Teacher Teaches One More Lesson – Drunk Driving Kills


music teacherTeachers have a special place in my heart. Music teachers have an even more special place in my heart as my Mom was a music teacher at St. Cecelia School for 26 years before she passed away. So, when news of the death of John M. Sexton Elementary School’s music teacher was announced, I could understand the pain her family and her school family are experiencing.

According to ABC Action News, Caroline Sine, the 34-year-old Pinellas County music teacher, died from her injuries last night after a suspected drunk driver allegedly ran a red light and crashed into her car early Sunday morning. Her friend remains in Bayfront Hospital in critical condition.

Police arrested the at-fault driver on a DUI charge which will be upgraded to DUI manslaughter in light of Ms. Sine’s death. Certainly, this driver did not intend to kill the beloved music teacher and critically injure another when he got behind the wheel that early morning. However, that is what happens when a person drinks and then drives. He or she puts innocent people at risk. Sure, some make it home without incident, but too many result in devastating crashes that kill others. How many times have you read about these types of DUI crashes where the DUI driver survives and others die? Too many times.

Because of the carelessness of one driver, the family of this beloved music teacher will never her their loved one’s voice again. The kids at John M. Sexton Elementary School had to learn one more tough lesson through their teacher, Ms. Sine. Sadly, that lesson was to not drink and drive.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Caroline Sine’s family and friends. Thoughts and prayers are also extended to the kids and teachers at John M. Sexton Elementary School. I believe there is a special place in Heaven for music teachers and hope they do too.

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