Jun 16

Brandon Motorcyclist Killed in Left-Turn Accident


sadness over motorcyclist deathAnother improper left turn results in another fatality. Last night, a Tampa motorcyclist was killed when a car turned into his path in Brandon, according to Tampa Bay Times.

The report states that Ryan Lundy, 30, was riding westbound on State Road 60 around 11:40 p.m. when an 18-year-old driver, driving a 1998 Ford Escort, turned in front of him while she turned left onto Limona Road. Mr. Lundy died at the scene.

Certainly, this 18-year-old driver did not intend to kill this motorcyclist. I am sure her emotional world is spinning out of control today and will for a while to come. Sadly, Ryan Lundy’s family is likely spinning out of control as well. Losing a loved one is always sad and rough. If they die from a sickness, there is time to prepare for their passing. However, when a loved one is killed suddenly in a motorcycle crash or car accident, the survivors are distraught because they did not get to say their proper good-byes or prepare for their loved one’s passing. These are the saddest cases to handle because there are no words to console the grieving family.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Lundy family on their loss.  Thoughts and prayers are also extended to the 18-year-old driver because this fatal accident may forever have an impact on her.

Drive carefully and watch out for those who don’t! Don’t make any left turns unless you are 100% sure that your path is clear.


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