Jan 13

Broken and Uneven Sidewalks May Finally Get Repaired in Clearwater


While walking on sidewalks in Clearwater, you shouldn’t have to be staring at the ground, but in many areas you have to in order to avoid the hidden trip hazards.

uneven sidewalk causes trip and fallAccording to the Americans With Disabilities Act, all it takes is a quarter inch difference in elevations for someone to trip. Too many Clearwater sidewalks have this and more variation between slabs of concrete. As a result, many people get significantly injured after tripping on a Clearwater sidewalk. I have personally represented many pedestrians who were injured because of non-flushed sidewalks.

According to ABC Action News, the City of Clearwater has recently hired a company to make $250,000 worth in repairs to more than 6,000 feet of uneven sidewalks around the city. According to the report, contractors plan to focus first on the Morningside Area around Harn Boulevard and neighborhoods East of Countryside Mall around Landmark Drive. Instead of replacing the entire concrete square, the company plans to use a new method to cut down the concrete and smooth out any gaps.

According to the City of Clearwater’s website, the Parks and Recreations Department that a crew that rotates the repair of City sidewalks when they are broken or uplifted by tree roots. The argument I often hear from the City after my client is significantly injured after falling on a broken or uneven sidewalk is that the City had no knowledge of the danger. Although I contend the City has a duty to inspect their sidewalks, you can do your part by putting the City on notice of any dangerous sidewalks you encounter by reporting an issue here. You can even include a photograph of the broken or uneven sidewalk.

Let’s hope this investment reduces the number of walkers, bicyclists and skateboarders who get injured because of uneven or broken sidewalks.


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