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Car Accidents – Men vs. Women


car accident differences with men and womenBoth men and women are involved in car accidents and both can be injured because of an automobile crash. But what makes them different? A recent article on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s website breaks down some interested findings:

• Women are more likely to suffer a serious injury than men in a car accident.

• Although men are involved in more fatal crashes than women, on a per-crash basis, women are 20 to 28 percent more likely than men to be killed.

• In front crashes, the study found women are three times as likely to experience moderate injuries such as a broken bone or concussion and twice as likely to suffer serious ones like a collapsed lung or traumatic brain injury.

• In side crash car accidents, the odds of moderate injury were about equal for both sexes, with women about 50 percent more likely to be seriously injured.

• The research found that women are substantially more likely to suffer leg injuries.

The researchers opined that that types of vehicles women drive rather than physical differences between men and women may be a cause. The study showed that about 70 percent of women crashed in cars compared with about 60 percent of men. Whereas, more than 20 percent of men crashed in pickups compared with less than five percent of women. The researchers concluded that men tended to crash in heavier vehicles offering more protection in collisions.

I know one thing, I am going to recommend my daughter drive that big pick-up truck she likes.

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