May 20

Car Crash Caused by Ducks in the Road

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Car accidents can happen in the oddest ways. This week, ducks caused a crash. The Florida Highway Patrol reports that a Brinks truck swerved and rolled over while trying to avoid a driver who had stopped on Interstate 95 to let a mama duck and her ducklings cross the road. The accident happened near the State Road 421 exit in Port Orange. FHP says the car drove away before authorities arrived at the scene.

Because of the truck’s design, the people in the armored truck needed help from the emergency crews to get out of the vehicle. They received injuries that did not require a trip to the hospital.

As for the ducks, FHP says the mother was killed, but her ducklings survived. Volusia County Animal Control took the ducklings.

Stopping on the Interstate is not a wise move. The driver of the car is lucky that he was not rear-ended by the armored truck. Unfortunately, because of the car’s action, people were injured. Fortunately, because of the armored truck’s driver’s action, the injuries were kept to a minimum.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t.


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  1. Ethan Rehman 14 Nov 2011 | reply

    Situations like this happen unexpectedly. You just have to keep your focus on the road while driving in order to avoid accidents.

  2. VDanw 31 Jul 2011 | reply

    And Sadly the Moma Duck died as a result,… she was only doing what her instincts tell her to do get her babies to water. The driver who stopped to let her cross regardless that it was an interstate…God Bless Him!

  3. Actually, it was another car in front of the armored car that stopped on the interstate for the ducks. I agree with you on the challeges inherent to the drivers of armored trucks though.

  4. Jacob Rodman 31 May 2011 | reply

    Yeah that’s an odd one. But still, it’s a serious matter since people got injured. Armored trucks are particularly hazardous. Their thick body and small, bulletproof windows – design to protect occupants and valuables from robbers – presents a challenge to the drivers of these armored behemoths. Their field of vision is severely limited, which would explain why they didn’t see the ducks crossing the street.

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