Nov 10

Car Accident While Text-Messaging Results in Leg Amputation

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One person’s text-messaging while driving results in another man losing both legs. Stephen Wage Horne was arrested and charged on a count of reckless driving with a serious bodily injury after police say he was texting while driving. According to ABC Action News, documents released by the State Attorney’s office indicate that on August 25th Horne admitted to texting on his cell phone as he slammed into the back of a garbage truck. Emmanuel Mejia was in the back of the vehicle loading items when the impact severed his legs.

Real life effects of something that a majority of people do every day. Text-messaging while driving can result in serious personal injury or death. Don’t do it. We al survived for decades without the instant access of text-messaging. There is no need to do it while driving.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t. For information about your legal rights after a Florida car accident, motorcycle accident, or other personal injury claim, click here to schedule a free consultation with Personal Injury Attorney Matthew Noyes. Remember, insurance companies have attorneys working for them, so should you!

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