April 16

Are Florida Car Insurance Requirements Dramatically Changing?

The requirements of Florida car insurance may look totally different come January 1, 2022 if the Florida Senate gets its way. Those who have read my blogs for the years know that I am a big advocate for mandatory bodily injury coverage in Florida. Right now, owners and drivers are not automatically required to purchase.

March 31

Florida Impaired Driver Kills Motorcyclist and Then Kills Good Samaritan

An impaired driver is accused of killing a motorcyclist in Sanford, Florida and minutes later killing a woman who was rendering aid to the motorcyclist. According to Bay News 9, the driver struck the 73-year-old motorcyclist on Monday afternoon. The driver continued driving, but made a U-turn and returned to the scene. At the crash.

February 15

Car Accidents – Men vs. Women

Both men and women are involved in car accidents and both can be injured because of an automobile crash. But what makes them different? A recent article on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s website breaks down some interested findings: • Women are more likely to suffer a serious injury than men in a car.

November 9

Do You Know What To Do When A Traffic Light Is Not Working?

This week’s weather in Tampa Bay could be interesting. With Tropical Storm Eta out in the Gulf of Mexico, we could see some challenging weather which can result in some dangerous driving conditions. One such dangerous driving condition is when a traffic light is not working during to power outages. Do you know what a.

September 11

Are Jury Trials Finally Coming Back Despite COVID?

As a personal injury attorney, it has been odd that we have not been inside a courtroom or judge’s chambers for more than six months. Jury trials have been continued due to COVID and hearings are starting to run smoother through Zoom. However, clients may get their jury trial soon and jurors may soon again.

August 19

Refresher Course on Stopping for a School Bus in Florida

Florida school buses are hitting the roads as the new school year begins. Since it has been months since school buses were used, it is a perfect time for a refresher course ton when you are required to stop for a school bus. Florida law states that when on a two way street or highway,.

August 4

Getting Lost Wages Paid After a Car Accident

Lost wages often occur after a car accident. Sometimes it may be a few days of missed work, but sometimes it could be weeks or months. This loss of wages can have a dramatic impact on a person’s life. Missing a few paychecks could result in the repossession of your car, the inability to make.

June 29

The Deadly Risks of Making A Left Turn at An Intersection

Making a left turn at an intersection can result in a deadly car accident. Sadly, it did in St Petersburg on Saturday evening. According to the Tampa Bay Times, an 11-year-old boy was killed and three others were injured when a car headed south on 34th Street S collided with a northbound car turning left.

June 19

Summer Travel Season Officially Starts Tomorrow – Are You Ready?

Tomorrow is the first day of summer so there is no better time that to alert you to the Safe Summer Travel Campaign launched by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). This campaign reminds motorists to plan ahead to avoid the risk of a car accident during summer travel. Unlawful speed.

June 4

Safety Tips to Prepare You For Driving in the Rain Daily

Driving in the rain daily is soon upon us in Tampa Bay. It’s hurricane season and even without a hurricane looming, we will all be driving in the rain soon. Rainy season increases your likelihood of being involved in a car accident due to weather. This is the time to prepare your vehicle for the.

May 7

Courts May Be Closed, But We Are Pushing Cases Forward

See You In Court! Words some lawyers and insurance companies say when they cannot reach an agreement. Well, that won’t happen in Florida until July. However, that won’t stop us from fighting for our clients and moving their cases forward! Earlier this week, Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Canady extended the suspension of trials.

April 21

Can Fewer Cars on the Road Make Tampa Bay Roads More Dangerous?

The COVID-19 situation has certainly put fewer cars on Tampa Bay roads, but that has brought on some dangerous driving behaviors. According to the Tampa Bay Times, traffic on Tampa Bay roads has dropped by 30 percent, but speeding and red light runners have increased. In fact, the rate of red light violators has increased.

February 27

Which Kia Vehicles Are Being Recalled Due to Potential Engine Fires?

If you own an older Kia vehicle, beware! According to ABC Action News, Kia is recalling more than 193,000 cars and minivans because of defects can cause an engine fire. One recall covers nearly 142,000 2013 and 2014 Kia Optima midsize cars. They have 2.4-liter direct fuel injection or 2-liter direct injection turbocharged engines. Kia.

February 20

Pasco County Roads – How Dangerous Are They?

Driving in Pasco County can be dangerous. According to the Tampa Bay Times, in a 12-hour span, a Port Richey teenager, a 63-year-old pedestrian and a 24-year-old driver from Winter Haven died in crashes on Pasco County roads, including U.S. 19, Little Road and U.S. 98. So, how dangerous is driving in Pasco County? Statistics.

February 4

U.S. 19 Near Nursery Road Scheduled for Safety Improvements

As someone who drives south on U.S. 19 and exits on the frontage road for Nursery and Belleair Roads in Clearwater almost every day, I have witnessed firsthand some crazy drivers in that area. Apparently, the Florida Department of Transportation and Bay News 9 have as well. According to a recent BayNews9 report, there are.

January 29

Whiplash After A Car Accident

Whiplash is so commonly used after a car accident. Unfortunately, it is sometimes used to minimize the injuries after a car accident – “You just have whiplash.” Knowledge is power so let’s look into what whiplash really is. According to the Mayo Clinic, whiplash is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of.

January 22

How Many Deaths On Pinellas County Roads Last Year?

One preventable death due to a car accident, bike accident or pedestrian accident is too many. Unfortunately, ninety (90) people were killed on Pinellas roads in 2019, according to a recent report on ABC Action News. That is nearing two people dying in accidents every week. Ninety deaths are a lot, but it is a.

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