March 16

Florida Law Could Increase BI Liability Coverage for Drunk Drivers

BILL THAT INCREASES INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR DRUNK DRIVERS NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT Many Floridians would be surprised to learn that the current law only requires drivers convicted of DUI or other serious offenses, such as vehicular manslaughter, to carry bodily injury (BI) liability coverage of $10,000 per person and $20,000 per incident. A pending bill in.

March 15

Air Bags = Ankle Injuries???

AIR BAGS MAY BE LINKED TO OTHER INJURIES Although air bags may save lives in car accidents, they are also causing injuries. The president of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons recently stated that air bags are causing an increasing number of foot and ankle injuries. “We see trauma we never saw before,”.

March 15

Update on Motorcycle Deaths From Bike Week

BIKE WEEK 2007 ENDS WITH 7 DEATHS Better than last year, but still too many deaths. Florida’s Bike Week ended a few days ago with seven Bike Week-related fatalities. Five people died in Volusia County, and a St. Petersburg couple crashed in Seminole County on their way home from the event. These 7 deaths is.

March 12

Know Where the Accidents Are Before You Get on the Road

AVOID BEING STUCK IN TRAFFIC BECAUSE OF A CAR ACCIDENT Did you know that you could check to see if there is a car accident that may slow your way home right on the computer? The Florida Highway Patrol’s website provides the latest traffic incidents updated every five minutes. To view this potential valuable information,.

March 10

Are Drugs Like Celebrex, Vioxx & Bextra Being Prescribed Too Quickly?

AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION TELLS DOCTORS TO SLOW DOWN ON PRESCRIBING DRUGS Change the way you prescribe pain relievers! That is the message the American Heart Association is telling many doctors. Dr. Elliott Antman, the lead author of the recent scientific statement says: “We beleive that some physicians have been prescribing the new COX-2 inhibitors as.

March 8

Drowsy Driving Can Kill

BEWARE OF DROWSY DRIVERS THIS SPRING BREAK Each year, thousands of student flock to Florida to leave their stressful, school-filled days for spring break. It’s great for Florida’s economy, but dangerous for Florida’s roads. One reason is because some of these drivers stay up long hours to enjoy Florida’s fun and sun and then drive.

March 7

AOL’s Hidden Agenda On Lawsuit Article

THERE IS REASONS WHY AOL HATES LAWSUITS AOL’s current article on “Most Outrageous Lawsuits” is ridiculous. There are reasons why AOL hates trial lawyers and it has nothing to do with lawyers–it has to do with their own actions. For example: Just this week, AOL “agreed” to pay $246 million to compensate the University of.

March 6

Better Eyes on Underage Drinkers

BILL COULD RESULT IN MORE LIABILITY IF IDs ARE NOT CHECKED Bars and other places better start checking IDs a bit closer if Florida Senate Bill 0376 passes! The proposed bill would provide that failure to check the identification to whom alcoholic beverage is served before serving the beverage creates a rebuttable presumption that the.

March 5

No More Radar Detectors??

FLORIDA LAWMAKER WANTS TO OUTLAW RADAR DETECTORS Radar detectors may become as obsolete as the 8-track player if the Florida lawmakers have their way. Senator Steve Oelrich, a former Alachua County sheriff, is sponsoring Senate Bill 2228 that would make having any “speed-measuring device detectors or jammers” a non-criminal, secondary offense. Police could not stop.

March 4

Insurance for Motorcycles

ALTHOUGH NOT REQUIRED, INSURANCE ON A MOTORCYCLE IS IMPORTANT Under Florida law, insurance is NOT required is not required to register a motorcycle in Florida like it is for cars. However, if a motorcycle operator is charged in a crash with injuries, the the owner or owner/operator is financially responsible for bodily injuries and property.

March 3

Happy Admission Day, Florida!!

A LOT HAS CHANGED SINCE FLORIDA BECAME A STATE 162 YEARS AGO Today, March 3rd, marks the day that our great State of Florida became the 27th state of the United States. That makes the State of Florida 162 years old. Throughout the 162 years, Florida has seen great changes. Its population started at 57,921.

March 2


HOW MUCH PROFIT IS TOO MUCH? State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company recently reported an after-tax net income (profit) of 5.32 BILLION dollars for 2006. They further reported a combined net worth of 58.1 BILLION dollars with total revenue for 2006 at 60.5 BILLION dollars. The average person cannot appreciate how much 5.32 billion dollars.

March 1

Your Parents Are Watching!!

ANOTHER WAY TO PROTECT YOUR TEENAGE DRIVER Within the first six months of getting a driver’s license, teenagers are 16 times more likely to have a car crash than 35- to 40-year-old adults. One insurance company is trying to stop that. American Family Mutual Insurance Co. will begin offering free video camera technology to customers.

February 27

Trying to Reduce the 21 Bikers Death From Last Year

A LESS DEADLY BIKE WEEK Later this week, more than half a million motorcycles will roar into Daytona for Bike Week. Sadly, 21 bikers who attended Bike Week last year ended up going home in body bags. This year’s Bike Week Safety Task Force is trying to reduce or eliminate this number. Of the 21.

February 26

When Can You NOT Sue the Government Even When They Are Wrong?

GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIES HAVE PROTECTIONS FROM LAWSUITS THAT THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE Only after several accidents–including two deaths–on the new Clearwater Memorial Causeway from drivers crossing the median, reflectors are being added to make it safer. “We’ve added an additional enhancement just in case one is distracted,” design engineer Dwayne Kile says. Others say concrete barriers.

February 24

Teenage Drivers, Here’s Your Sign!

LAWMAKERS WANT TO SINGLE OUT TEENAGE DRIVERS WITH “TEENAGER DRIVER ON BOARD” SIGN–ARE THEY STUPID?? Bill Engvall is known for a comedy bit where he says “Here’s Your Sign” to people who do stupid things. Apparently, Illinois lawmakers believe that teenager drivers need to put a sign in their car identifying them as young, inexperienced.

February 22

Knee Injuries In Car Accidents

NOT ONLY YOUR NECK AND BACK GET INJURED IN CAR ACCIDENTS People always hear about how someone’s neck and/or back can be injured in a car accident. However, many times a person’s knee can be injured in a car accident. Anyone who has suffered a traumatic knee injury knows how painful, and how frightening, it.

February 21

Another Reason to Keep Florida’s No-Fault Law

PROTECT YOURSELF (AND NOT STATE FARM) BY KEEPING FLORIDA’S NO FAULT LAW Typically, I don’t do two blogs back to back about the same subject, but after reading the headlines, I thought it was needed. The headlines read “State Farm To Reduce Rates.” Read on, though. Any rate reduction comes at the cost of Florida.

February 20

Should We Really Get Rid of Florida No-Fault?

ELIMINATING FLORIDA NO-FAULT LAW IS NOT THE ANSWER Did you know that an important part of your car insurance is scheduled to be eliminated on October 1, 2007? This is an issue that has greater direct impact on the lives and pocketbooks of average Floridians than other issues the Legislature is to consider. However, there.

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