July 13

Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise

Throughout the country, newspapers are reporting that motorcycle accidents and motorcycle deaths are increasing at an alarming rate. In Minnesota, motorcycle fatalities are at their highest level since 1985. Here in Florida, you read about a motorcycle accident on an almost daily basis. I have represented several motorcyclists who sustain serious injuries because someone was.

March 15

Update on Motorcycle Deaths From Bike Week

BIKE WEEK 2007 ENDS WITH 7 DEATHS Better than last year, but still too many deaths. Florida’s Bike Week ended a few days ago with seven Bike Week-related fatalities. Five people died in Volusia County, and a St. Petersburg couple crashed in Seminole County on their way home from the event. These 7 deaths is.

March 4

Insurance for Motorcycles

ALTHOUGH NOT REQUIRED, INSURANCE ON A MOTORCYCLE IS IMPORTANT Under Florida law, insurance is NOT required is not required to register a motorcycle in Florida like it is for cars. However, if a motorcycle operator is charged in a crash with injuries, the the owner or owner/operator is financially responsible for bodily injuries and property.

January 14

Watch Out For That Motorcycle

Failing to Pay Attention To Motorcycles Can Cause Serious Injury or Death of Florida Roads Florida’s beautiful weather encourages many to enjoy the open road on motorcycles. However, too many car accidents involving motorcycles are resulting in serious injury or death are occurring in Florida and throughout the United States. Accordingly to the National Highway.

January 8

Ten Things to Know To Avoid Car Accidents with Motorcycles

Ten Things All Car & Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcycles To Avoid A Car v. Motorcycle Accident A recent study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows the dangers of motorcycle driving. According to the study, approximately 76,000 motorcycles were injured in motorcycle accidents in 2004. Over 4,000 motorcyclist died because of.