April 29

What Is the Timeframe for a Social Security Disability Case?

Apply for social security disability benefits in not a quick process. The timeframe for a social security disability case is different for each case but waiting to get a final answer can take many months to even years. During this time, it is important that you take steps to build your claim. This includes seeing.

March 2

When Are Your Social Security Disability Benefits Taxable?

Social Security Disability benefits are crucial for many Americans to survive. As we approach tax time, my team and I are often asked if the SSD benefits we obtain for them are taxable. Since we are not tax attorneys, we cannot give legal advice in that regard, but we can give general information and the.

January 4

Changes to Social Security Disability in 2021

Social Security Disability benefits will see some changes in 2021. Here are a few of what changes as the New Year begins. An Increase in Benefits: For 2021, Social Security recipients will receive an 1.3% increase to their monthly benefits. This is for the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) which helps benefits keep pace with inflation. For.

December 17

What Happens to Social Security Disability Benefits At Retirement Age?

In the social security disability branch of my practice, clients wonder what happens to the SSD benefits they are receiving when they reach retirement age. It’s a good question and important to many people. Social Security Disability benefits provide payments to those who qualify medically and have adequate work credits to qualify for SSDI benefits..

October 19

Two Changes to Social Security Disability Benefits in 2021

If you are receiving social security disability benefits now or plan to in 2021, here are two changes just announced by the Social Security Administration that could impact your benefits. There will be a slight increase in your monthly benefit. The SSA recently announced that Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits and Supplemental Security Income.

October 5

Does Depression Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Depression does not discriminate. It hits people of all ages which explains why this mental health disorder continues to be the leading cause of disability for people between the ages of 15 and 44, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. When is depression so severe that it qualifies a sufferer to social.

August 24

Busting the Myths of Social Security Disability Benefits

If you read the newspapers or listen to the news, it is easy to think that those receiving Social Security Disability benefits are underserving, lazy people who are taking advantage of the system. However, this is incorrect. Most Americans on Social Security Disability would rather be working. Let me address some of the myths associated.

May 7

Courts May Be Closed, But We Are Pushing Cases Forward

See You In Court! Words some lawyers and insurance companies say when they cannot reach an agreement. Well, that won’t happen in Florida until July. However, that won’t stop us from fighting for our clients and moving their cases forward! Earlier this week, Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Canady extended the suspension of trials.

August 19

Case Killers for Social Security Disability Claims

Social security disability benefits are not easy to get. More than 50% of the people that apply for social security disability benefits get turned down. Sometimes, the basis for the denial of benefits is because of something the claimants does or fails to do during the application process. Here are a few of these “case.

July 29

ABLE Account – A Way To Protect SSI and Medicaid Benefits

An ABLE saving account may be helpful in some situations after a car accident. Many times in my practice, I have represented minors who are injured in a car accident. Some of these minors were eligible for and receiving Social Security Income benefits or Medicaid before the car accident. In normal situations, if a recovery.

April 3

Social Security Disability Case Heard By U.S. Supreme Court

Not too many social security disability cases make it to the United States Supreme Court, but yesterday, the Court did hear a case and decided against the social security disability applicant. In Biestek v. Berryhill, the United States Supreme Court denied a proposal to establish a rule requiring vocational experts to turn over the data.

October 16

What Changes to Social Security Disability Are Expected in 2019?

Changes to social security disability benefits for 2019 have been announced. Recently, the Social Security Administration provided their Fact Sheet outlines the changes to social security disability benefits for the upcoming year. The most important change to most recipients is the announcement of a 2.8 percent increase in the cost of living adjustment (COLA). This.

May 30

Past Relevant Work – 4th Step To Qualify for Social Security Disability

Examining “past relevant work” is the fourth step in determining if you qualify for social security disability. This article is the fourth in a series discussing each step of the five-step sequential evaluation process that social security disability judges use to determine you are disabled. As discussed in the prior articles of the series, the.

May 24

Step Three to Qualify for Social Security Disability – Meet a Listing

The third step in the 5-step sequential evaluation to determine if you qualify for social security disability benefits relates to the Listing of Impairments found in Appendix 1 of the Social Security regulations. The “Listings” outline just about everything that can impair a person from being able to work. If your impairment meets the exact.

May 21

Severe Impairment – Step Two For Social Security Disability

Establishing a severe impairment is the second step of the sequential evaluation used in determining whether someone is entitled to social security disability benefits. This article is the second in a series of blog articles – each focusing on the steps in determining if you qualify for social security disability (SSD) benefits. The blog article.

May 15

Steps for Social Security Disability Benefits- Step One

You have an injury or condition that prevents you from working, now what? Is social security disability an option? The steps for social security disability entitlement is often referred to the 5 step sequential evaluation process. In determining whether an individual is eligible for social security disability benefits, the law requires the following sequential five-step.

October 6

Recent Report on Social Security Disability Program

Applying for social security disability and waiting for a determination can be quite challenging. Currently, in St Petersburg Florida, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 18.0 months (which is a bit better than the Florida average). The St Petersburg Florida average for winning a SSI or SSD disability hearing is.

August 25

Things to Know Before Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Planning and preparation are important in many things. They are especially needed in applying for Social Security Disability and waiting for your Social Security Disability hearing. Being awarded social security disability benefits is not easy. A great majority of applications are denied on the first application and still a greater number is denied after the.

May 11

How To Apply for Social Security Disability Online

We often tell our prospective social security disability clients that they can apply for social security disability online at ssa.gov/iClaim/dib. Sounds easy, but it can be confusing and time consuming. It is not unreasonable to take one to two hours to complete the online process. Hopefully, this article makes application process a bit easier. Before.

February 27

Depression and Social Security Disability Benefits

Depression can be debilitating. Long term depression can be so bad that it prevents someone from being able to work. If someone has significant depression, would they be entitled to social security disability benefits? The answer is maybe. Let’s look to see what is needed to secure social security disability benefits for depression. The Social.