May 4

Calculating Mom’s Salary

MOM’S YEARLY SALARY — $138,095.00 When a stay-at-home mom gets injured in a car accident, the insurance company always tries to minimize the value of the claim alleging that the claim is worth less because there is no lost wages. I always fight that issue–now, there is more ammunition on our side!! A new report.

May 3

Study Addresses More Training for Rotator Cuff Injuries

IS THERE HOPE FOR THOSE WITH A DAMAGED ROTATOR CUFF? Many people sustain rotator cuff injuries after a car accident or work injury. Rotator cuff injuries–which involve the muscles and tendons that stabilize the shoulder–can occur when the arm is pulled out of place in falls, lifting heavy objects, trauma and other types of accidents..

April 25

Fighting for the Underdog Is Fun!

THE UNDERDOG FIGHTS AND WINS I spent the last two nights watching “David” beat up “Goliath”–the Tampa Bay Devil Rays beat the New York Yankees TWICE. The underdog won!! It was truly amazing! I think I loved it so much because the battle the Tampa Bay Devil Rays had on the baseball field is similar.

April 22

TMJ After a Car Accident

TMJ–THE SOMETIMES MISSED INJURY One injury that is too often overlooked after a car accident is temporaomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ). Often times, TMJ is thought to be associated with the neck pain, headaches or an ear ache–but it is a different injury all by itself. TMJ pain occurs where the jaw meets the skull, just.

April 19

Another Preventable Injury

TOO MANY COMPANIES IGNORE PATRON SAFETY The headline reads “Go-Kart Scalps Wash. Woman.” It turns out that another horrible tragedy could have prevented. Apparently, a woman and her family decided to try out the go-karts at Grand Prix Raceway in Lakewood, Washington. She was wearing a helmet with her ponytail hanging behind her. Sadly, her.

April 18

Tougher Law Proposed to Protect Florida’s Kids

STIFFER PENALTIES RECOMMENDED FOR PARENTS WHO LEAVE CHILDREN IN CAR Florida parents who leave their child in the care while they run into the hours or the store presently have the punishment for doing the same thing to their pet–a traffic ticket and a fine of no more than $100.00. I’m sorry, our kids are.

April 12

Panel Says Painkiller Can Do More Harm Than Good

DRUG COMPANY SEEKS APPROVAL FOR DANGEROUS DRUG–“NO WAY” SAYS PANEL A painkiller that is supposed to take the place of Vioxx–Arcoxia/Etoricoxib–was rejected by a panel of federal health advisers today. The panel concluded that the drug should not be approved for use in the United States. A Food and Drug Administration drug safety expert told.

April 11

Sad Day Remembering Death of Teenager

REFLECTION ON THE SURVIVING PARENTS OF A CHILD THAT DIES TOO EARLY Today, I spent 8 hours in depositions of two wonderful people–the mom and dad of a teenager who died unexpectedly. I won’t go in details about how their only son died, but the sadness and hurt that was evident today in the face.

March 22

More Thoughts on Guatemala Adoptions

THE OVERSIGHT IN GUATEMALA ADOPTIONS As my wife packs for our seventh trip to see our son-to-be, Jacob, tomorrow, I feel compelled to veer off the regular topics again to talk about the injustice the State Department is doing to us and all those adopting from Guatemala. While celebrities are adopting babies swiftly and with.

March 19

Guatemala Adoptions Should Not Be Stopped

STATE DEPARTMENT’S ADVISORY REGARDING GUATEMALA ADOPTIONS IS WRONG! I know that this article is not the typical type you find on this blog, but I cannot keep my fingers quiet any longer!! I must address the news of the United States’ State Department advising against Guatemala adoptions. The State Department and the press would make.

March 10

Are Drugs Like Celebrex, Vioxx & Bextra Being Prescribed Too Quickly?

AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION TELLS DOCTORS TO SLOW DOWN ON PRESCRIBING DRUGS Change the way you prescribe pain relievers! That is the message the American Heart Association is telling many doctors. Dr. Elliott Antman, the lead author of the recent scientific statement says: “We beleive that some physicians have been prescribing the new COX-2 inhibitors as.

March 7

AOL’s Hidden Agenda On Lawsuit Article

THERE IS REASONS WHY AOL HATES LAWSUITS AOL’s current article on “Most Outrageous Lawsuits” is ridiculous. There are reasons why AOL hates trial lawyers and it has nothing to do with lawyers–it has to do with their own actions. For example: Just this week, AOL “agreed” to pay $246 million to compensate the University of.

March 6

Better Eyes on Underage Drinkers

BILL COULD RESULT IN MORE LIABILITY IF IDs ARE NOT CHECKED Bars and other places better start checking IDs a bit closer if Florida Senate Bill 0376 passes! The proposed bill would provide that failure to check the identification to whom alcoholic beverage is served before serving the beverage creates a rebuttable presumption that the.

March 3

Happy Admission Day, Florida!!

A LOT HAS CHANGED SINCE FLORIDA BECAME A STATE 162 YEARS AGO Today, March 3rd, marks the day that our great State of Florida became the 27th state of the United States. That makes the State of Florida 162 years old. Throughout the 162 years, Florida has seen great changes. Its population started at 57,921.

January 28

You Have Been Told That You Have Sciatica, Now What?

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SCIATICA Many people involved in car accidents and work injuries in Florida are diagnosed with sciatica. However, they are not given further information about the condition. Below is additional information about sciatica. However, to get more specific information, you should consult with your doctor. Also, if your sciatica was.

January 25

Study Shows Risk of Death, But Doesn’t Address Impact

STUDY SHOWS STATISTICS OF DEATHS IN CAR ACCIDENTS BUT IGNORES IMPACT ON SURVIVING FAMILY A very recent study performed by Carnegie Mellon for the American Automobile Association (AAA) indicates startling statistics of the deaths on America’s roads. For example: Male drivers have a 77% higher risk of dying in a car accident than women. However,.

January 25

Florida Governor Acknowledges Problem With Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies, Enough is Enough!! Last week, Florida Governor Charlie Crist said something my clients and I have been saying for years if not decades–we are tired of funding insurance companies’ record profits!! “Let me remind you where we’re coming from. This insurance industry this past year has enjoyed a $60 billion profit. $60 billion,”.

January 10

National Safety Commisson Says Florida’s Auto Insurance Rates Need Fixing

National Safety Commission Urges Florida Legislature to Tackle Rising State Auto Insurance Rates With the Florida Legislature preparing to convene in Special Session Tuesday to tackle the problem of skyrocketing Florida property insurance rates, the National Safety Commission called on the Legislature to take action to provide relief from rising Florida auto insurance rates as.

December 29

About Attorney Matthew Noyes

ABOUT ATTORNEY MATTHEW NOYES For More Information on Attorney Matthew Noyes and his Clearwater Personal Injury Law Firm, click here. Matthew Noyes’ interest in personal injury law started after he was involved in a car crash himself at the age of 16. As he was recovering from his fractured hip, torn rotator cuff and other.