July 23

Fatal Fiery Crash With Tow Truck and Florida’s Move Over Law

Sadly, a Bradenton mother had to watch her 21-year-old son die after a driver in a pickup truck hit and kill her son on the side of I-75 in Hillsborough County. Would following Florida’s Move Over Law prevented this tragedy? According to ABC Action News, the crash happened around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday on the.

March 4

Have Pedestrian Accidents Increased? You May Be Surprised.

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise as is the number of fatalities from these accidents.  As the Spring weather comes, there will be more walkers on Tampa Bay streets which likely means more pedestrian accidents. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) recently released its report which projected 2018 to have been the deadliest for pedestrians.

February 13

Latest on Wait Time for Social Security Disability Hearings

The Social Security Administration recently released their report on the national wait time for social security disability hearing and the number of pending SSDI claims. According to the report, the present national average wait time for a Social Security Disability benefits hearing is 538 days.  This is down from the 595 day wait time in.

January 29

Bulging Disc, Herniated Disc – What’s the Difference?

After a car accident or a work injury, my clients often discover that they have a bulging disc or herniated disc in their neck or lower back.  What does that mean?  Is there a difference between the two?  Before we can answer, an understanding of what a disc is will be important.  Your spine is.

January 18

Prince Philip’s Car Accident Raises Question of Too Old to Drive

Car accidents don’t discriminate.  Rich/poor, famous/ unknown, old/young – it doesn’t matter.  An example of this Prince Philip’s car accident yesterday. Also, it also raises the question of when is a person too old to drive. According to ABC News, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was involved in a road traffic accident with another.

January 4

New Year’s Eve Motorcycle Accident Puts Newlyweds in Hospital

A motorcycle accident is no way to celebrate the New Year. The motorcycle caused by a hit and run driver just makes it worse.  Sadly, that is what happened to a newlywed couple on New Year’s Eve. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Kurt and Cheri Holzbacher wanted to make sure they were off the.

December 28

Hosting the New Year’s Eve Party? You Better Read This . . .

New Year’s Eve can be a lot of fun! Games, celebrations, champagne and more. Sometimes, partygoers have too much more – too much to drink. If you are hosting the New Year’s Eve party and someone drinks too much at your party and then causes a car accident, are you responsible for the injuries your.

December 19

Texting While Driving Again in Florida Legislature

Texting while driving will again be discussed in Florida’s upcoming legislative session.  State Representative Jackie Toledo has filed a bill modifying Florida’s present law on texting while driving. Presently, Florida law prohibits texting and driving, but it is a secondary offense which means law enforcement must have another reason to pull a driver over besides.

August 13

Do You Know When to Stop for a School Bus?

School buses are back on Florida roads so a refresher on when to stop for a school bus seems appropriate. Most Florida roads fall into one of three categories: (1) Two-Lane Road; (2) Multi-Lane Road; or Divided Road. Each category has its separate rule as to when to stop for a school bus. Here they.

June 21

Top Speeding Locations and Car Accident Details

Speeding can result in a fine and points on your driver’s license. However, it can also cause serious car accidents and even death. Just ask the friends and family of a mother who was killed along with her two year old daughter because punks decided to race on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa. ABC Action News.

June 12

The Sequential Social Security Disability Claims Process – The Final Step

The final step in the Sequential Social Security Disability Claims Process is determining whether you can do any work. This article is the fifth and final article of the series relating to the social security disability process. As an overview, in previous articles, we discussed the following first four steps: STEP 1: Are you working?.

May 30

Past Relevant Work – 4th Step To Qualify for Social Security Disability

Examining “past relevant work” is the fourth step in determining if you qualify for social security disability. This article is the fourth in a series discussing each step of the five-step sequential evaluation process that social security disability judges use to determine you are disabled. As discussed in the prior articles of the series, the.

May 24

Step Three to Qualify for Social Security Disability – Meet a Listing

The third step in the 5-step sequential evaluation to determine if you qualify for social security disability benefits relates to the Listing of Impairments found in Appendix 1 of the Social Security regulations. The “Listings” outline just about everything that can impair a person from being able to work. If your impairment meets the exact.

May 21

Severe Impairment – Step Two For Social Security Disability

Establishing a severe impairment is the second step of the sequential evaluation used in determining whether someone is entitled to social security disability benefits. This article is the second in a series of blog articles – each focusing on the steps in determining if you qualify for social security disability (SSD) benefits. The blog article.

May 8

Herniated Disc After Car Accident – How Do You Know?

After a car accident, it may take weeks or months to realize that the automobile accident caused a herniated disc. Why is that? What is a disc herniation and how is a herniated disc diagnosed. Although I am not a doctor (and you should not rely on me for medical advise), here is some of.

April 16

A Thumb Injury Can Happen On the Field And In The Car

A thumb injury has added to the stresses of what is going to be a long Tampa Bay Rays season. Today, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Kevin Kiermaier will have surgery for a torn ligament in his right thumb from a slide into second base yesterday. A torn thumb ligament or other thumb injury.

March 14

No New Florida Law on Mandatory Liability Car Insurance

Mandatory liability car insurance will have to wait another year. The Florida legislature was close to passing a new law that would have required every car owner to carry mandatory liability car insurance and eliminate the required personal injury protection coverage, but no new changes are coming this year. I previously blogged about a bill.

February 26

Lost Wages After a Florida Car Accident

Lost wages often occur after a car accident. Sometimes it may be a few days of missed work, but sometimes a car accident can cause a person to miss weeks or months because of injuries sustained in the crash. How does someone who sustained lost wages because of a car accident get reimbursed for their.