April 26

Florida Workers Compensation Law Changes – My Soapbox

Florida workers compensation law may be changing if some Florida legislators get their way. Last week, the Florida House of Representative passed a bill that will change present Florida workers compensation law. The Florida Senate Rules Committee approved a work comp bill which is now ready to go to the full Senate. Each bill could.

March 2

Is Florida Workers Compensation Law About to Change?

Changing Florida workers compensation law will be debated in the upcoming weeks and months. What changes will occur? Nobody knows. What is known is that the Florida regular legislative session begins next Tuesday, March 7, 2017 and will run until May 5, 2017 and Florida workers compensation law will certainly be discussed. Stay tuned for.

October 13

That Is, In A Word, Bull . . .

That’s not my quote, but rather a quote from Tampa Bay Times’ reporter John Romano on big business and insurance carriers’ arguments regarding the Florida workers compensation law. I admit, as a Claimant’s workers compensation attorney fighting work comp carriers daily, I am a bit biased and jaded towards the injustices injured workers are stuck.

June 10

Part of Work Comp Law Unconstitutional Per Supreme Court

Work comp law is changing again in Florida, but it isn’t as drastic as the business community would want you to think. Yesterday, the Florida Supreme Court found another portion of the work comp law in Florida unconstitutional. In Westphal vs. City of St. Petersburg, the Supreme Court said the workers’ comp law that limited.

April 28

Workers Compensation Attorneys Fee Law Found Unconstitutional

Finally, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled that workers compensation attorneys don’t have to work for $1.53 an hour. In fact, they ruled the limitation of Claimant’s attorneys’ fees in the work comp arena is unconstitutional. Today, in Castellanos v. Next Door Company, the Florida Supreme Court ruled the 2009 law is a violation of.

December 1

Any Rights After A Coworker Causes a Car Accident?

If you are a passenger in a friend’s car and your friend’s driving causes you to be injured in a car accident, you have the right to make a claim against the at-fault driver for your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. But what if the at-fault driver was a coworker? Do.

October 27

Understanding a Herniated Disc

A herniated disc impacts millions of people around the world – not just those persons with the herniated disc, but their family members, friends and work associates they encounter every day. A herniated disc can result from the natural aging process of a person’s spine. However, a herniated disc can also develop after a car.

September 30

Who Gets to Pick the Doctor in Florida Work Comp Cases?

One important thing to know after a work comp injury is who gets to pick your treating doctor. The Florida Workers’ Compensation law states that in almost all situations, the work comp carrier gets to pick your doctor. However, there are two situations where the injured worker may be entitled to pick their treating doctor..

August 7

Committing Work Comp Fraud? Look to the Skies

Workers’ Compensation fraud is a hot button in Florida. Too many insurance companies and defense attorneys are too quick to scream “fraud” albeit there is some fraud that goes on. To catch those injured workers committing work comp fraud, companies are using new technology to scream “gotcha.” According to WFLA.com, the use of drones is.

July 18

Clearwater Work Comp Accident Requires Unique Recovery

Construction work is notorious for workers’ compensation claims so construction companies have different rules in Florida about when workers’ compensation coverage is required. Unfortunately, a construction worker at the site of the upcoming Wyndham Grand resort in Clearwater Beach will likely now need to know more about Florida workers’ compensation law. According to the Clearwater.

July 6

Attorney Matthew Noyes Recognized For His Dedication

For the third year in a row, Attorney Matthew Noyes was named one of Florida Trend’s Legal Elite. When the Florida Trend invited all in-state members of the Florida Bar to nominate attorneys whom they hold in the highest regard or would recommend others, Attorney Matthew Noyes was nominated. The ballots throughout the state were.

April 27

Going to Mediation After a Car Accident or Work Comp Claim?

A mediation conference is something that many of my personal injury and workers’ compensation clients will experience in their case. Often times, a person involved in a car accident or work accident has not been involved in a mediation and is uncertain as to what will happen. This article will discuss what mediations are and.

September 25

The Unfairness of Death Benefits in Florida Work Comp

Florida workers’ compensation benefits can be so unfair sometimes. One situation is when a worker is killed while working. Sadly, this happened last night when a worker was killed in Tampa by a large steal beam while operating a forklift, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The man, identified as Ricardo McCalop, was apparently using.

August 21

Men Shocked While Tree Trimming — Workers Compensation Benefits?

Two men were injured while within the course of their employment after their aluminum ladder made contact with power lines that they were trimming trees in Largo. According to the Tampa Bay Times, three workers from Happy Palms Tree Service was trimming trees at a home in Largo when two of them, identified as Lance.

June 2

In Memory of Alice, Let’s Talk Household Services

Actress Ann B. Davis, Alice in “The Brady Bunch,” died yesterday after falling and hitting her head causing a subdural hematoma. In memory of her passing, let’s take a look to see if someone who needed Alice’s services after a car accident or workers’ compensation accident would be reimbursed. After a Florida car accident, the.

May 1

Getting to Choose a Doctor in Florida Workers Compensation

In a Florida workers’ compensation claim, in almost all situations, the workers’ compensation carrier gets to choose the doctor the injured workers must treat with. Notwithstanding the self-help provision of the work comp statute (a subject for a later blog article), there is one opportunity to get the opinion of a doctor of your choosing.

April 4

New Statistics on Trends for Car Accidents and Work Injuries Released

Injuries and car accident and work comp accident happen every day. The National Safety Council recently released it latest Injury Facts that shed light on these types of accidents. Some of the interesting statistics in the National Safety Council’s 2014 edition of Injury Facts are as follows: 1. July was the worst month in 2012.