April 11

Sad Day Remembering Death of Teenager

REFLECTION ON THE SURVIVING PARENTS OF A CHILD THAT DIES TOO EARLY Today, I spent 8 hours in depositions of two wonderful people–the mom and dad of a teenager who died unexpectedly. I won’t go in details about how their only son died, but the sadness and hurt that was evident today in the face.

April 3

See “When Pigs Fly” in Sarasota

POST SPARKS EMAIL FROM MOVIE’S PRODUCER My recent post about the documentary film, When Pigs Fly, resulted in an email from one of the producers of the film. Instead of paraphrasing the email, here it is in its entirety: Hi Matthew, In surfing the Internet, I discovered your site and noted that you have referenced.

March 31

When Pigs Fly-When Work Comp Carriers Care About Injured Workers

MOVIE HIGHLIGHTS HELL AN INJURED WORKER GOES THROUGH Finally a movie that documents the hell an injured worker goes through because of the workers’ compensation system!! When Pigs Fly is a documentary about the life of Lory Yazurlo whose life was turned upside down after a work comp injury in 1991 which left her a.

March 20

Florida’s Work Comp Law Has To Change

GROUP PROTESTS ABOUT UNFAIR FLORIDA WORK COMP LAWS Advocates for injured workers in Florida took their frustrations about Florida Workers’ Compensation law to Tallahassee yesterday. The group, led by Voices, Inc., rallied at the Florida Supreme Court and the First District Court of Appeal as well as lawmakers to try to get the laws changed.

March 10

Are Drugs Like Celebrex, Vioxx & Bextra Being Prescribed Too Quickly?

AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION TELLS DOCTORS TO SLOW DOWN ON PRESCRIBING DRUGS Change the way you prescribe pain relievers! That is the message the American Heart Association is telling many doctors. Dr. Elliott Antman, the lead author of the recent scientific statement says: “We beleive that some physicians have been prescribing the new COX-2 inhibitors as.

March 9

Money Benefits After Maximum Medical Improvement

MONEY AFTER MMI IN FLORIDA WORK COMP CASES Florida’s Workers’ Compensation law entitles an injured work to scheduled weekly impairment benefits, paid over a scheduled number of weeks, for any injury that results in a permanent impairment rating. Carrier are required to pay impairment benefits within 14 days after the carrier has knowledge of the.

March 7

AOL’s Hidden Agenda On Lawsuit Article

THERE IS REASONS WHY AOL HATES LAWSUITS AOL’s current article on “Most Outrageous Lawsuits” is ridiculous. There are reasons why AOL hates trial lawyers and it has nothing to do with lawyers–it has to do with their own actions. For example: Just this week, AOL “agreed” to pay $246 million to compensate the University of.

March 3

Happy Admission Day, Florida!!

A LOT HAS CHANGED SINCE FLORIDA BECAME A STATE 162 YEARS AGO Today, March 3rd, marks the day that our great State of Florida became the 27th state of the United States. That makes the State of Florida 162 years old. Throughout the 162 years, Florida has seen great changes. Its population started at 57,921.

February 19

Courts Continue To Protect Wrongful Acts of Employers

IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO ESCAPE THE GRIP OF FLORIDA WORKERS’ COMPENSATION IMMUNITY My partner, Bob Carroll, recently posted an article highlighting how Missouri’s high court affirmed a jury award against an employer after an employee sustained serious injuries because of the employer’s negligence.  Unfortunately, if the same thing happened in Florida, it is very.

February 11

Finally, Real Work Comp Fraud Arrests!!

THE RIGHT ONES GET ARRESTED IN WORK COMP FRAUD CASE I’m tired of hearing everyone say injured workers are committing so much workers’ compensation fraud. That people who are on workers’ compensation are faking and reaping the benefits. What benefits?? Do they even know what little benefits an injured worker in Florida is entitled to..

February 5

Reaching MMI in Florida Work Comp

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU REACH MAXIMUM MEDICAL IMPROVEMENT IN A FLORIDA WORK COMP CLAIM Eventually, whether you agree or disagree, you will be placed at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) after a Florida workers’ compensation accident. In fact, the law states that your doctor is required to place you at MMI on or before two-years after.

January 29

Tips To Protect You After a Florida Work Comp Injury

TEN TIPS AFTER A FLORIDA WORKERS’ COMPENSATION INJURY If you have been injured at work in Florida, the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law set forth what rights and responsibilities you have. It is important that you consult with a lawyer who handles Florida work comp claims. Attorney Matthew Noyes’ law firm has helped those injured at.

January 28

You Have Been Told That You Have Sciatica, Now What?

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SCIATICA Many people involved in car accidents and work injuries in Florida are diagnosed with sciatica. However, they are not given further information about the condition. Below is additional information about sciatica. However, to get more specific information, you should consult with your doctor. Also, if your sciatica was.

January 27

U.S. Government Under-Reports Number of Work Injuries

MILLIONS OF INJURED WORKERS DO UNREPORTED A recently published study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine estimates that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) under-reports the number of injured and diseased workers by 66%, meaning that the 2003 reported total of 4.4 million workers was really 13.2 million injured workers. Researchers from.

January 25

Florida Governor Acknowledges Problem With Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies, Enough is Enough!! Last week, Florida Governor Charlie Crist said something my clients and I have been saying for years if not decades–we are tired of funding insurance companies’ record profits!! “Let me remind you where we’re coming from. This insurance industry this past year has enjoyed a $60 billion profit. $60 billion,”.

January 20

Lost Wages in a Florida Work Comp Claim

GETTING PAID IN A FLORIDA WORK COMP CLAIM Believe it or not, when a worker is injured in a workers compensation claim in Florida, they are not guaranteed payment of wage benefits for every day they are out of work. Under Florida law, you are not paid for the first seven days of disability. However,.

January 13

Picking Your Doctor in Workers’ Compensation

When Do You Get to Pick The Doctor in a Florida Work Comp Claim? If you have a Florida workers’ compensation claim, there are very few times that you have the right to choose the doctor who will examine you. Almost always, you are stuck with the doctor that the insurance company sends you to..

January 10

Maximum Compensation Rate for Florida Work Comp Claim

Florida Determines Cap on Workers’ Compensation Weekly Wage Benefits for 2007 An injured worker in Florida is only entitled to two-third of his average weekly wage over the 13-weeks prior to the work injury. However, according to Florida’s workers’ compensation law, the maximum weekly compensation rate for work-related injuries and illnesses shall be equal to.

January 9

So You Have a Herniated Disc, Now What?

What You Need to Know About Your Herniated Disk Many of my clients suffer a herniated disk after a car accident or work injury. Until they are diagnosed with a herniated disk, many victims of a car accident or work injury do not even know what a herniated disk is. I hope this article answers.

January 8

What If The Work Comp Carrier Denies Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Overview of Denied Claim Procedure Benefits under the Florida Workers’ Compensation law have been dramatically reduced over the past several years. If you are involved in a work-related accident, it is crucial that you seek advice as to what your rights and benefits are after an injury. If you need assistance in obtaining workers’ benefits.

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