January 7

Pain and Suffering in Florida Work Comp Claims

There is No Compensation in Florida’s Workers’ Compensation for Pain and Suffering Because workers’ compensation is a “no fault” system, one of the rights taken away from injured workers for receiving workers’ compensation benefits was the right to recover for damages due to “pain and suffering.” The insurance companies and legislators argue that since the.

January 6

What If Your Employer Won’t Provide Work Comp Information

Website Provides Employer’s Workers’ Compensation Information Some times, injured workers in Florida cannot determine who is supposed to pay work comp benefits after a work accident. Too many times, an employer is not willing to provide the name and telephone number or the workers’ compensation company’s name and telephone. However, this information may be just.

January 3

Responsibilities Under Florida’s Work Comp

Injured Workers & Insurance Company’s Responsibilities Under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Law Florida’s Division of Workers’ Compensation has set forth the following responsibilities of both the insurance company and the injured worker: Insurance Company’s Responsibilities To provide medical treatment in a timely fashion. To pay wage benefits on a timely basis. To timely pay medical bills..

January 2

New Case Law on Florida Work Comp Benefits

Very Recent Case Clarifies “Change of Doctor” Rule in Florida Workers’ Compensation Cases On December 29, 2006, Florida’s First District Court of Appeals decided a case called Butler v. Bay Center/Chubb Insurance Company. The Court affirmed a ruling that was entered against an injured worker relating to medical care under Florida’s workers’ compensation law. In.

January 1

Obtaining Florida Workers’ Compensation Benefits

A Road Map to Florida Workers’ Compensation Benefits If you are injured on the job in Florida, you may be entitled to various benefits under the Florida Workers’ Compensation system. What benefits you are entitled to depends on the date of your accident. Because the benefits are so limited under the law, it is important.

December 31

Work Comp Benefits May Be Denied if You Detour

Workers’ Compensation Benefits May Be Denied if Employee Detours and Deviations From Business Trip Employees may be called upon by their employer to travel for a business purpose. Such travel is generally considered to be in the course of employment and, if injured, the employee will be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, if the.

December 30

New Benefits for Injured Workers

Workers’ Compensation Mileage Reimbursement Rate Increased Florida lawmakers recently increased the state’s mileage reimbursement rate from 29 cents per mile to 44 and one-half cents per mile. Although the employers and carriers are not required to follow the state’s mileage reimbursement rate, the state rate has long served as a guideline throughout the industry to.

December 29

Frequently Asked Questions Following a Work Injury

Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Law For More Information on Florida Workers’ Compensation Law, Click Here. 1. Is my employer required to have workers’ compensation insurance? Every employer in the State of Florida who employs four or more employees, part-time or full-time, is required to comply with the provision of the workers’.

December 29

Change the Law or Let Injured Workers Sue Their Employers

Change the Law or Let Injured Workers Sue Their Employers Today, almost all injured workers are prohibited from filing a negligence lawsuit against their employer for causing their injuries if the injured worker is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation law does not permit the injured to opt out. Rather, it requires.