Jun 3

Checking Cell Phone Leads to Six-Car Car Accident

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A Niceville, Florida man caused a six-car accident because he was checking his cell phone Wednesday morning. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the driver looked away from the road to look at his cell phone and continued to drive forward causing him to hit the car in front of him. The impact was severe enough to cause a chain reaction of rear-end collisions involving six cars.

Some of the occupants of the cars received injuries and were transported by ambulance to the emergency room.

This should serve as a reminder not to text message while driving or check your text messages while driving. No message is so important that it cannot wait until you come to a stop.

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  1. Carson Ahlstrom 9 Nov 2011 | reply

    When driving, you have to be totally focused on the road, and using your phone will divert your attention from the road. Using a cellphone while driving is never a good idea.

  2. Chris Edwards 24 Apr 2011 | reply

    When you’re driving, you should focus your eyes on the road. Checking your cellphone while driving is a big mistake that can cause an accident. Let me share you my story, while I was driving, I decided to check my phone, since I thought I would be safe. I didn’t know that I was about to go on the other side of the lane, it’s a good thing that I managed to avoid it in time. Since then, I swore to myself that I will focus on driving while I’m on the road.

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