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Improving Child Safety in Your Car – Guest Article


child safety in the carChild safety in the car is important in Florida and across the country. In Colorado, the personal injury law firm of Bell & Pollock, P.C. understands and provides this guest article and link to some helpful information:

Can you make your child safer in your car? This is the question every parent should ask themselves. A lot of the time, the answer is yes. For example, many parents make 6 common mistakes when installing or using a child car seat. Furthermore, 35% of children killed in a car accident and a comparable number of those injured were not wearing seat belts at the time of the incident. This forms over ⅓ of the 600 children under 13 killed and 120,000 injured.

It is reasonable for parents to ask themselves how they can minimize these risks. Belting up is simple and should be de rigueur for all families. However, not everyone knows how to install or use a child car seat, which leads to these 6 common mistakes:

1. Using the wrong kind of car seat
2. Not registering the seat with the manufacturer
3. Not securing the seat adequately to the vehicle
4. Not securing the child to the seat properly
5. Not using booster seats for older children
6. Ignoring car seat recalls

By learning about these mistakes, you can improve the health and safety of your children. These are just a small part of this process however. Safe driving, a well maintained car, and awareness of both children in the car and those on the sidewalks or cycling on the roads, is vital too. To learn more, check out a new parental guide to child safe driving.

Thank you to the attorneys at Bell & Pollock for this helpful information!


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