Feb 11

CNN Sheds Light on Insurance Companies’ Tactics



CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently highlighted what I have been seeing for years–Insurance companies putting profit before people after car accidents.

Anderson Cooper and his producer investigated the tactics of insurance company after what appears to be minor car accidents for 18 months. What they found is that insurance companies will most likely do the three Ds–DELAY handling your claim; DENY you were hurt; and DEFEND their decision in drawn-out court battles. CNN notes that it is right in Allstate’s training manual: force “smaller walk-away settlements.&quot.

CNN focused on the claim of one woman who was injured in a car accident which resulted in medical bills and lost wages adding up to $25,000.00. Despite that, Allstate Insurance Company only offered $15,000.00 to settle. Fortunately, the woman said no and sued. A jury awarded her $167,000.00; but that verdict took three years.

Insurance companies are betting that you won’t want to sue and you’ll take what you get and walk away. CNN notes that their experts say it is working–accident victims have been walking away from billions of dollars that insurance companies now keep for themselves.

I see these tactics everyday in my law practice. Good, hard-working people get hurt in a Florida car accident and requires medical care and time off work to heal. Their life is thrown into turmoil because someone was negligent causing the car accident. It is bad enough to deal with the pain and frustration of limitations and restrictions, but the insurance companies’ disregard for them only compounds the trouble. Because the insurance companies put profit before people, good people have to battle big insurance companies.

If you have been a victim of a Florida car accident, you must talk to an attorney who puts people before profit (unless the insurance companies). Attorney Matthew Noyes’ law firm has been helping people battle the insurance companies after Florida car accidents for over 52 years. To Contact Attorney Matthew Noyes to Discuss Your Florida Car Accident, Simply Click Here.

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  1. Matthew Noyes 12 Feb 2007 | reply

    I appreciate your comment. I hope you or a loved one never gets hurt in an accident. Unfortunately, it is hard to understand the situation until you are in it.

  2. Nate 12 Feb 2007 | reply

    You’re about as accurate as CNN. The reporter is Anderson Cooper, not Cooper Anderson.
    And – if this is the story that they have after a year’s long investigation….two examples does not an industry practice make. In fact – if I’m insured with State Farm, I’m happy my insurance company is protecting me against claims like the one CNN highlighted.
    Accuracy in reporting? CNN can’t even tell the difference between a policyholder and a claimant.

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