Aug 7

Committing Work Comp Fraud? Look to the Skies


Work Comp FraudWorkers’ Compensation fraud is a hot button in Florida. Too many insurance companies and defense attorneys are too quick to scream “fraud” albeit there is some fraud that goes on. To catch those injured workers committing work comp fraud, companies are using new technology to scream “gotcha.” According to, the use of drones is the answer for one private investigator in his search for work comp fraud.

According to the report, Paul Colbert have been chasing work comp fraud suspects for years the old fashioned way—hours, days and sometimes weeks of stakeouts by his team of undercover sleuths. Now, Colbert’s is having technology do the work for him. He and his investigators at Meridian Investigative Group, based in St. Petersburg, Florida now deploy motion-detection hidden cameras that will follow targets and even zoom in without anyone touching a button.

Colbert tries to justify this level of spying by stating “If you’re out in general public or you’re in a location and you’re not fenced in by any privacy fence we’re not breaching anything to get to you, you’re fair game.” Fair game? Fair game to be shunned by your employer. Fair game to be required to treat with doctors of the workers’ compensation carrier’s choosing. Fair game to be under a microscope all because you got hurt at work.

As an attorney who fights to get injured workers their Florida work comp benefits, I believe the carriers should take steps to stop work comp fraud. Personally, I have rejected cases once I had a sense of a client playing the system. However, insurance companies and the press try to give the impressive that there is so much work comp fraud when studies show otherwise. A Frontline PBS investigation concluded that such fraud claims are greatly overstated and affects less than 2% of all insurance claims.

Injured workers, stay away from work comp fraud. The benefits certainly do not outweigh the penalties. Workers compensation carriers, remember that not everyone who gets hurt at work is out to commit fraud! As the study shows, 98% of those with workers’ compensation claims are not involved with work comp fraud.


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