Jul 12

Construction Zone Accident Serves Up a Reminder


construction zones after midnightAs a personal injury attorney (and as a Dad), I can tell you that nothing good ever happens after midnight, especially when driving on U.S. Highway 19 in Pinellas County. This morning’s car accident which occurred in a construction zone on U.S. 19 further supports my belief.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, a driver is dead and their passenger is seriously injured as a result of a car speeding through the construction zone on U.S. 19 in Pinellas Park. Reports state that at approximately 1:52 a.m. this morning, a car hit a dump truck carrying more than 21 tons of material just north of Mainlands Blvd. The driver of the car was killed on impact and a passenger was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The dump truck driver was not hurt.

I have driven through this particular construction zone (not after midnight). It does making driving on U.S. 19 a bit more challenging. However, all drivers should pay particular attention when driving through this and any construction zone, especially if you have passengers in your vehicle. This is to prevent injury to your body and your wallet. Remember that Florida law states that a person cited for exceeding the speed limit in a posted construction zone shall pay a double fine if construction personnel are present or operating equipment on the road or immediately adjacent to the road under construction. (However, in order to collect the double fine, the reduced speed limit must be posted and notice of the doubling of fines must also be posted.)

As I told my daughter often, if you can stay off the roads after midnight, do so. If you must, drive safely and watch out for those who don’t!


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