Jun 5

People Really Cover Their License Plate To Avoid Tolls?


I never thought of it and am glad I didn’t!

I don’t travel enough to warrant a Sun Pass so several weeks after going through a toll, I receive an invoice from Florida DOT asking for a few bucks. There’s a picture of my car and its license tag on the invoice. Apparently, others try to avoid these invoices in creative ways.

illegal license plate shadeAccording to Fox 13, a man in Seminole County was pulled over for having an illegal hideaway license plate frame. The video shows a black cover coming down to conceal the tag which would prevent the cameras from identifying who to send the invoice to. Apparently, there are many kinds of these devices including an automated flip-up screen or a rotating tag bracket. Whatever the device, it is illegal. In this case, the driver faces a felony charge for fraud and a misdemeanor for petit theft. That means the offender will likely end up paying more in fines and fees than the toll would have cost in the first place.

In fact, there is a Florida law that outlaws this. Florida Statute 320.061 states:

“A person may not alter the original appearance of a vehicle registration certificate, license plate, temporary license plate, mobile home sticker, or validation sticker issued for and assigned to a motor vehicle or mobile home, whether by mutilation, alteration, defacement, or change of color or in any other manner. A person may not apply or attach a substance, reflective matter, illuminated device, spray, coating, covering, or other material onto or around any license plate which interferes with the legibility, angular visibility, or detectability of any feature or detail on the license plate or interferes with the ability to record any feature or detail on the license plate.”

Unfortunately, these devices are also used during crimes. With today’s outdoor cameras, burglars, drug dealers, and other criminals cover their license plate to avoid detection.

So, pay the toll and don’t break the law by covering up your license plate! Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t!


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