Jan 28

Decreasing The Wait For A Social Security Disability Hearing

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Courtroom for social security disaiblity hearingRight now, the national hearing processing time for a Social Security disability hearing is 505 days (almost 17 months). This means those needing social security disability benefits to survive must wait an average of 17 months before a decision on their application to be made. This can quite stressful on the applicant and his or her family.

According to the Social Security Administration, they have a new plan to reduce the wait time for a social security disability hearing – the Compassionate and Responsive Service (CARES). Social Security claims that their CARES plan is “a comprehensive, multi-faceted plan to address the increase in wait times and pending hearings. The plan has both immediate, tactical initiatives, as well as long-term initiatives that will ensure an efficient, effective, and sustainable hearings process.”

Although there are no specifics on how they plan on reducing the wait time for a social security disability hearing, they do claim they will bring on engaged, well-trained people to provide quality service and new initiatives “to help increase hearings adjudication and disposition capacity, improve ALJ support and staff efficiency, and strengthen personnel oversight and policy compliance without sacrificing our commitment to quality.”

A lot of talk, but let’s see the action. I have too many clients waiting too long for their Social Security Disability hearing. Seventeen months of struggle isn’t something a hard worker to contributed into Social Security during his work life should have to go through.

If you are waiting for your social security disability hearing, make sure you continue to treat and document your disabilities. It is important that you tell your attorney who you are treating with and whether you have not treated in months. Failure to obtain the proper medical documentation of your disability could have negative impact at the your disability hearing – when it is finally scheduled.


SSD attorneys Noyes & RobisonAttorneys Matthew Noyes and Lorrie Robinson represent persons who are battling to obtain the Social Security Disability benefits they are entitled to because of their years of working. Attorney Noyes is a named partner at the Tampa Bay law firm of Perenich Caulfield Avril Noyes — one of the oldest personal injury law firms in Pinellas County. Call Attorney Matthew Noyes or Lorrie Robinson now at 727-796-8282 or complete the form on this page or simply click here to schedule a free case consultation.

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