Sep 29

Does Coffee Really Reduce Traffic Accidents?


coffee reduces traffic accidentsOn National Coffee Day, it seems fitting to explore whether drinking coffee really reduces the risk of drowsy driving and, in turn, reduces the risk of traffic accidents. Research has repeatedly showed that drowsy driving is an important cause of traffic accidents. Although many believe that drinking coffee keep drivers more alert, is there any scientific research to prove that true? The answer is yes.

According to research outlined in an article of July 2012’s Psychopharmacology Journal, one cup of caffeinated coffee (80 mg caffeine) has a positive effect on continuous highway driving in non-sleep restricted, healthy volunteers. Part of the reason for this is because caffeine is rapidly and completely absorbed in the body within approximately 45 minutes and reaches its peak plasma concentration within 15 to 120 minutes after intake.

The study demonstrates that one cup of caffeinated coffee (80 mg caffeine) significantly improves driving performance and reduces driver sleepiness. Both lane keeping (SDLP) and speed maintenance were improved up to 2 hours after caffeine consumption.  In addition to the objective performance improvements, the study showed that drinking coffee while driving improved the subjective assessments of sleepiness and driving performance.

Although previous studies showed that drinking multiple cups of coffee prevented traffic accidents from drowsy drinking, this study showed that one regular cup of coffee also significantly improves driving performance and reduces driver sleepiness. This is important because most drivers consume only one cup of coffee during a break, instead of three or four.

So, celebrate National Coffee Day knowing that one cup of coffee may prevent traffic accidents!


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