Apr 11

Does He Have Any Clue What Really Happens?

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TIME Magazine’s political columnist, Joe Klein recently wrote what I consider an offensive article – Reform Social Security Disability – about those who fight for and deserve Social Security Disability benefits.

In his article, Klein claims that a “great many” are scamming social security disability for benefits they don’t deserve. Sure, he tries to cushion his remarks by saying that there are some workers that deserve SSDI, but to call many “scammers” is wrong. Mr. Klein has never met my client who worked all his life, contributing to his Social Security each paycheck, only to find that he has an illness that prevents him from working. Mr. Klein never talked with the family of my client who sees their mother suffer from debilitating back pain after years of physical labor supporting her family. He doesn’t talk about the fact that these people and these families must suffer without any wages for a year or more before they are even considered to be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. He doesn’t talk about those people that are forced to have their family live in their car because the patriarch or matriarch can no longer support their family. He never mentioned about the mental toll a disability and inability to support themselves and their family on their self-worth. Klein mentioned nothing about the fact that the people who receive Social Security Disability must first contribute to Social Security for years before they are entitled to SSD benefits.

Klein claims “All too often, the scammers find support on the left from people who believe that free enterprise is inherently unfair and the “victims,” even the unworthy poor, deserve any help they can get. That sort of thinking is insidious and morally deficient.” I don’t consider myself “on the left” and I certainly do not believe that free enterprise is unfair. I also am not that naive to believe that there are SOME people who abuse the Social Security Disability program. However, I do think that before people like Klein start spitting out opinions like this, they should consider the vast majority of individuals and families that suffer for years after a disability simply to obtain Social Security Disability benefits they worked for.


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  3. peggy 11 Apr 2013 | reply

    So glad we have someone like you to fight for our rights. Thank you.

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