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With witches, goblins and super-heroes invading our neighborhood streets this Friday, it is important that each of us take steps to prevent a tragic car accident this Halloween. With Halloween falling on a Friday night, more motorists are expected to be going or coming from Halloween parties at the same time treat-or-treaters take to the streets. Sadly, the number of motor vehicle fatalities on Halloween rises an average of 30% when October 31st is on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, compared to other days of the week.

According to studies, two out of three adults ages 18 to 24 plan to throw or attend a Halloween party this year and 93% of children are expected to go trick-or-treating. This combination can likely result in injury if both groups are not careful. Thus, here are some tips for both group to reduce the risk of a car accident:

Partygoers and Hosts

1. If you intend to consume alcohol, make plans in advance to get home safely by selecting a designated driver.

2. Plan your travel route carefully. Try to avoid cutting through residential areas that will likely have a large number of trick-or-treaters.

3. If hosting a party, take care of designated drivers and offer alternatives to alcohol.

Trick-or-Treaters and Parents

1. Review safety precautions with children including traffic safety rules such as staying on the sidewalk, cross the street at crosswalks, avoid walking behind or between cars.

2. Select highly visible costumes. Use reflective tape on costumes and buckets and bags to increase visibility.

3. Get a flashlight with fresh batteries. Also, bring extra batteries just in case.

Halloween can be a lot of fun, but it can be dangerous. Take steps today to prevent a tragedy on Halloween. Getting involved in a car accident or hitting a child could forever change your life. Be careful and be aware of those who will not be.

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